5 Things you didn’t know about me.

5. My neutral expression makes me look like a snob, no-nonsense person and sometimes unfriendly. I am not even complaining. That has sort of helped me because I get the upper hand in initiating conversations and getting them going. I am not often very open to everyone but when I do I tell enough, maybe to the point of TMI. At times I am a meanie I surprise myself, sometimes I just don’t care about anything going on around me; just minding my business, but once in a while I get too friendly I think I could be dying. Don’t get me wrong but I have heard stories of people being over friendly during their last days, freaks me out a bit.

 4. I’m a little bit of a neat freak, I’m told J. When I organize stuff, I use a certain order. For instance, clothes; I might organize them according to color, type (official, casual or tops, bottoms) so when someone touches my stuff I could notice that something has been moved because they might not have returned them in the order I put them in. (Anita, it’s not magic or hidden cameras) A little bit of T.M.I, everything I hang faces the same side and so do the hangers. Some of my friends find that odd.  How many of you do that too? There’s even a time I used to have the hangers have the same space apart then I thought that would just be extreme so I stopped.
3. I am very hypersensitive to cold. When I was in primary, I used to swell up with lumps anywhere on my body. The sole of my feet, palms of my hand, in my tongue, on my lips, anywhere; but they would subside when I get warm. Good thing they are not itchy, just uncomfortable. There are times the lumps could form on my fingers and I couldn’t write. Good thing is I no longer have them now, I think I adapted but cold feet and palms never left. I cannot sleep without socks on because I have to aid my feet to get warm before I get any sleep. Without the socks I could take up to an hour to fall asleep. My friends joke that I have lizard feet. I wear sweaters to the rave when the temperatures drop a degree less and if it is daytime and we are at 16 degrees I’m wrapping up and layering like an Eskimo. Gloves, scarfs and all. I have no idea how I would survive in the Alps or regions that experience winter to begin with.

2. You know how KOT diss  Kenyans with accents? I cannot. Because I am a victim of adopting an accent as fast as I can drop it. If I go to my shagz for two days, no, maybe a week, and the people I interact with have this pitch in their speech, it grows on me. There was a time I used to watch that Kardashians  show all day. I was surprised how much I spoke like a whackass socialite the days after.  I am certain that if I leave the country for a considerable amount of time you probably wouldn’t recognize my speech at first.

1. I am not sure what is the strangest or most unusual thing about me but here goes. I am sentimental about stuff for no apparent reason. This has led to hoarding tendencies which is not a good thing if you ask me. There’s stuff I don’t use but I can’t get rid of. For example I have a backpack my dad bought me in 2000. I can’t bring myself to get rid of it. It has faded and the zipper doesn’t hold but I can’t let go. My cousins used to get me stickers and glowing pens in Primary, I still have some of those in my stash.
Well, now you know a little more about the girl behind this blog. I hope reveal a little more later. Thanks for stopping by. Happy holidays. :*

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