Taking Stock 2

Photo Credit: Leon Muli
Photo Credit: Leon Muli

Making:  A to do list with time frames. Not resolutions.  Let’s just say a to-go list because the list has enough places to be visited.

Cooking: I don’t think I will be cooking today but I am thinking, bread crumb chicken drumsticks.
Drinking: Ceres sparkling white Grape Juice. The thing tastes like sugarcane. If I wasn’t the one that poured it in my cup I would’ve sworn it was sugarcane Juice. How can I be so sure about something I have never tasted anyway? But I hear it exists, I should add that to my list, aye?
Reading: Americana by Chimamanda Ngozi. Yes I know I am late but hey.
Wanting: To leave town, these walls of my house are caving in.
Playing:  Nothing at the moment. I needed silence. Very Unusual.
Wasting: My time constantly on the internet.
Sewing: DIYing and altering some of my clothes that I cant bring myself to get rid of.
Wishing: I can learn how to discipline myself when it comes to Internet because it is here to stay and it can be both a tool of destruction or production. I need to learn when to log on and when to switch off the phone and live a little.
Enjoying:  Mobogenie. A mobile app that allows me to download all kinds of International tracks and they actually offer you different versions of the song, hence how I found out about KygoRemix of Cut your teeth.
Liking: The thought of a new year. For the first time in a while I feel like there’s something to look forward to. There’s sort of a wave of change and better things.
Wondering: When I am going to stop obsessing over my ideas and start actualizing them.
Loving: Kyla La Grange’s Cut your teeth (Kygo Remix) I basically all of Kygo’s remix but that is my fav.
Hoping: I get to accomplish half the things I have been dreaming of all my life. Starting with baby steps.
Marvelling: At how 2014 has flown by. The true definition of time flies, its like we blinked twice and found ourselves in December and the way we had 58 months of January.
Needing: So many things, sometimes I think I’m being unrealistic but the heart wants what it wants.
Smelling: Boiled sweet potatoes from the neighbor’s house.
Wearing: A grey sweatshirt, black pants.
Following: Team_Terra on IG
Noticing: I now have a headache because I didn’t have breakfast and its 1 pm already.
Knowing:  That I will be the only one saving myself.
Thinking: About shoes I saw at backyard, I need 1712 pairs of heels. (#HoarderAlert)
Feeling: Empowered by the plans I am laying out and decisions I am making lately.
Bookmarking: Torrent. I need to download tones of movies, my dealer is not reliable no more.
Opening: The fridge and I’m not feeling the food in there. What’s my problem? I’m hungry but I do not want to eat.
Giggling: At stuff on “Fucking Good Advice” It is an Android app that has a curse word in every sentence; I find it funny if you ask me. You should try it.

Feeling: Grateful for the year that has been. It has had its ups and downs but most of all, I am glad that I am alive and healthy and I cannot tell you how much God has been good to me for granting me that.

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