Hallo 2015.

You and I thought 2014 flew by. 2015 is here to redefine “flying”. We are already on 8th of January. It was 1st just yesterday. Now I know next time I will not let my holiday extend a day into a new year. It takes much more time to switch back to reality.
To be honest though, I think December had the best chronology of holidays ever. Jamhuri day fell on a Friday, so it extended to the weekend for those of us who do not work on Saturday and it was like a 3 day break from the madness. Then come Christmas and Boxing Day then the weekend!!!!! Bliss!!! It was a wonderful four day break, not having to set an alarm; best thing ever. For those who had to work it was the shortest week!! A 3-day week, somebarry say glory!! Then the four day mini holiday! You tell me that wasn’t some sort of mental vacation.
Enter the first ‘real’ week of January. I am thinking the thing that makes January look so long is the fact that we are on a break for too long then bam!!!! work!! work!! work!! till 2850!!! I am thinking in the lines of a 21 day challenge where you get to work towards something consistently. So when guys went on holiday for a while the body started adjusting to constantly relaxing then suddenly. As if this is the first January we have ever gone through. Plan my friends, plan and act accordingly.
It is like boarding school, or any school for that matter. The December holidays are the longest so definitely first term is the worst. If you are still in school, first term/Semester is no surprise. It is bound to rear its head as soon as you finish doing dishes for the family gathering on 1st Jan. My point being, be prepared for school in the best way you can. Second, have a positive mindset, probably imagine that its only school, not prison. 
Speaking of schools and closing December was not the best for me. I have never known my flat has this many children. There are days I get some work done at night then I sleep when its almost morning. Those brats play right outside my window. As we speak they are running after each other screaming. I hope they get bitten by two Tsetse Flies each. And some teenager right above me decides to play his music way too loud, I am tempted to move into a cave somewhere in a forest.

Theres a reason its called going through hell not  being in hell. So keep going. Somehow by God’s grace. January will come to an end faster than you think. We have 3 more weeks to go. Soldier on with a positive attitude. This too shall pass. Although if you took my advice from last year, you are definitely at a better place. How is that going for you? I’d love to know. Thanks for stopping by and Happy 2015.