Long before the coke ad, I had thought of this post so, no, that’s not my source of inspiration. Although, I like the song & I must say I am into the personalized cans.  They are just the coolest thing since…….. Ok, they are cool but sliced bread cannot compare. Uuuh, there, coolest thing since personalized sweatshirts logos, right?
My name is Tracy. Written as T R A C Y, not T R A C E Y or T R E S I or T R A C E (Keli please leave my name alone) or however else people decide to spell my name.  It is not Teresa either. I had to ask my father if he intended to have my name as Teresa but he did not.  It is not Stacy either, *hangs head in irritation* I don’t know how we got here but I dislike that name with all fibres’ of my being.   

 This is how most of my introduction goes;

“Hi, my name is Tracy.” (pronounced as /treisi/)
“No. Tracy.”
(Rolling my eyes in the back of my head) “Tracy. T.R.A.C.Y”
“Oooh, Tracy!!” (pronouncing it as /tresi/)
(Smiling in half approval) “Yes, that.”
 Sometimes I want to say “never mind just call me Gesare” but trust people to make it a guacamole of a conversation.  But most times I let it slide, so if I said “Tracy” and someone is like “oh, Xavier?” I’d be like yeah, that. Someone called me Trez. T.R.E.Z. I can’t. I might not be able to change much but I have a request to make. Here we go.
Dear Coke East Africa/ Kenya,
 I have been to the supermarket enough times rummaging through the CocaCola fridge for a can with either of my names but for reasons well known to you, you don’t have any. The guy at the freezer section knows me now, he sees me approaching and he is like “bado, bado, si nilikuambia wakileta nitakuwekea.” So I just pick the first coke with something like Odhis on it but I walk on, resisting the urge of looking through for my name just one last time. I just want to see my name or something closer home on it. Sigh!

I have been watching my fellow bloggers and the rest of the lucky squad flash their personalized cans on social media. All I do is like the picture and move on now. One secret, I am a hoarder (as explained here) so if you ever considered giving the can I’d keep it till the end of time and probably ask to be buried with it. Is that creepy? Oh sorry, then I will pass it to my grandchildren. Guys are teasing how people should be striving to have names on title deeds and not on cans. They don’t get the difference; at least no one can grab my can. Plus I would rather have my name on a Coke can than on a Nairobi Aviation College certificate. Lol. Let me stop running around the bush, it might end up burning from the rounds I have already made. Is it too late to ask for a personalized can? Ok, deal? Thanks.

Tracy the Coke lover. 😀

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