Remember how you swore by 2015 to be the year your turn your life around? Well, we are a few days into March and how is that working for you?  How many things on that list (if you have any) have you checked? How many more to go? Do you have a plan? Have you already thrown in the towel and resolved to “do you” the oldest excuse in the book?
 I am not speaking this from a place of self-righteousness because all the things about planning and failing to plan I can relate, I am one of you so here’s what I have learnt from the people that have done it and keep reinventing themselves relentlessly.
1.       Make small achievable goals: You can’t eat a whole elephant in one bite. But you still have to eat the elephant. So you have one option. Plan accordingly and break it down to daily routines so that you increase efficiency as you go. If you want a toned body, start by doing simple exercises from home even in your bedroom and build towards tougher exercises to allow yourself to adjust gradually.
2.       Change your routine for the better: You cannot do the same things over and over and expect different results hence you change the way you do things so that you can achieve different results. As simple as that.
3.       Manage your time: your plate was probably full by the time you thought of the new ideas and here you are trying to add something else onto it. If you do not plan to manage your time efficiently this could be a recipe for disaster. You could end up messing up something important. Establishing a balance is what you need to do and time management is a good place to start.
4.       Avoid Burnouts: when you do not plan, all new things you take up might become exhausting and wearing you down because you are still into your old routine and you could start wondering why you took the new thing up which could lead abandoning it. The secret is in the planning, that’s how people manage.
5.       Keep your eyes on the prize: When you want to give up the cooking class, yoga, foreign language, martial arts class because you just can’t handle the heat and all you want to do is get out of the kitchen, remember why you started. What was your end in mind? Always remind yourself how bad you want the prize and keep going.
Get to work.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and so is the hot body. Good luck.

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