Culture? What culture?

“If you love your spouse, which you should, you should devote yourself to them” the instructor says.
 I highly doubt devotion exists in people’s vocabulary these days. Everyone is tough-headed and selfish, most people that is; we all want to know what’s in it for us. How is this to my benefit? We ask too many questions. Because we know better than to jump in or follow blindly.
“Some women now propose to their men, doesn’t necessarily have to be the man doing it” he says this with a smirk on his face; you can hear it in his voice too.
I look around; all the men in the audience are silent. The look on ladies faces indicates an interesting conversation is about to crop up if they all decide to mouth the rumpus going on in their heads.
“Preach!”the blonde with a bob cut seems to think.

The fresh make-up lady at the back seems to think, “Yes, you said it!!”snapping in her head.

“Why not? I mean we are equals now, aren’t we?” The ‘human-right-activist‘attitude says to herself.

“Some of us are the bread winners and most of the time make the decisions so why not?”The bold woman I like thinks to herself arm’s crossed in a tight knot now.

“What is wrong with this generation?” The old woman thinks to herself probably in her mother tongue J, her face ever so readable than others, shock so clear in her eyes.

I would’ve loved to know what lady in red dress and shocking lipstick thinks but she is sitting before me facing the other side of the room.
No one says anything, I’m surprised. ” If you like it put a ring on it” is what I’m thinking.
 “Do you think it’s time for the reversed roles?” he seems to have seen what I was seeing so he wanted people to “fungua roho” and spark a debate, he succeeds.
People mumble and chuckle to themselves but lady-in-red says quite firmly and sure, “No, that’s against our culture.” It probably is, I hope she meant it as different as Indian and African cultures and not asking someone out. No. It’s not the same.
Probably in their culture it is a taboo. But I do not see her wearing hides and skins so I’m left wondering what she is talking about. The dictionary meaning of culture is, the customs, ideas, beliefs, etc of a country or society. Which to me means it is ever so evolving. This year and next year have very little in common.
People no longer pay dowry in livestock, no one has to soak their face in animal blood or kill a lion. Because we are liberal. Men do not beat up women to show love or even when they are angry; they will bite off your luck at being a biological father if you laid a hand on them. Women are now working as hard, some twice as hard as men. So please tell me what culture we are talking about here? 
Women are raising children by themselves and doing a very good job. Women run successful businesses, head organizations, some run empires and countries. These women don’t care what is allowed and what isn’t? Who is allowing us by the way? Exactly! I do not think these type of driven women would be afraid to tell a man they like them if he doesn’t do it first. 
These women don’t like to make assumptions. Since men say they are not mind readers, we like to point out some things to avoid wasting time. I don’t know about proposing though. It is in a man’s place to ask the woman to marry them but in the initial stages I like to see it as this, we are adults and we know what we both want, so are you game or you are just playing? Do you wanna try this? More like finding Mr. Left and dragging him to the right. 😀
People should find a new scapegoat. Culture is too vague unless you are willing to explain exactly what you mean. These are the same people who will not shave their heads when bereaved or wash their husbands feet because who follows culture anyway?!!!

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