We are sometimes too swift to shift routes than switch gears. Some decisions take long to be made and implemented but some are very impulse. We regret some, but most of the time we learn.

Been thinking about cutting my hair for a while now, and every time I look in the mirror or when it comes to having to comb it in the morning I just think that the time is now and I should stop second guessing. For those with treated hair, you know managing hair with growth is a nightmare. I cannot imagine what you naturalista’s go through. I have renewed respect for y’all. Really.
In the past months and weeks I have had the thoughts a little over seventeen times a day and knowing who I am, I think I am about to become friends with the barber sooner than later. I have asked you people who the best barber is and no one seems to be taking me seriously.
 However, there are a few things that hold me back. I saw a feature on TV some time ago and I wanted to go DIY. The guy cut his hair at the barbers and he is suffering a horrible skin disease to date, that made him look like he had scales. It was so disgusting I didn’t get to watch the whole thing and I don’t want to disgust you either. Second thing that makes me think otherwise is the cold season coming up. In as much as I am not going bald, I can’t imagine what it is like not having enough warmth from the protective styling like braids or weaves. Yes, I said weaves, wigs too.
Third, you know how you tell yourself “its hair, it will grow”? What if it doesn’t or takes longer? It is different when you have hair then you have the option to chop it up. There’s the big chop but there’s nothing like a big growth. There’s also the moment when you are still at the barbers and you want to glue your hair back on because it did not turn out as you visualized it.
Tragedy of all things hair is when it doesn’t turn out like you expected. Like how I told you guys here about my encounter with some know it all’s who braided my hair. I like perfection. I have always been one to explain things to my hair dresser until they get because if they say they got it and make a mess out of my hair I never say nice things, there’s one who i had to stop midway when I realized they were doing the opposite of what I told them. I like someone who is honest with me from the very start. Just say “I have never done this before but I can try”, that way I am prepared taking the risk to sit down and trust you with my hair. It’s not too much to ask, just be honest.

I have seen a couple of people with short hair, not even a couple; I see all of you with short hair. Annabel Onyango looks fantastic with the short hair and she just might be my inspiration. Then I look back at pictures of me with long hair and I’m like “maybe not”. But we will know very soon. Sometimes it is good to think these things through. Feel free to drop a hair dressers contact below and your thoughts about the big chop are. welcome

Birthday Throwback, a father’s love (and men)

Nothing excites me more than my father’s voice on the other end of the line in the morning. It just rubbishes everything and whatever doubts I have about affection. It is most assuring. Making me not depend on the ‘good morning beautiful’ from seasonal people because that one guy always assures me of one thing, he has thought of me enough times already (and prayed for me).
I do not believe that men forget or do not value birthdays, they just choose to ignore. I count myself lucky because my father is one big fan of birthdays. He has never missed any of mine or my mothers. I remember all those toffee sweets and cakes and goody goody chocolates I got on my birthday without forgetting the orange quencher juice coloring everyone’s lips on Tracy Day; 9th of March.
There was one particular birthday I remember crying. Partly out of being homesick and because I was so mad that the teacher didn’t let me talk to my father. I had gone to boarding school when I was still quite young, but I was doing better than those who had lost keys and no longer had locks to their boxes and lockers but mine still hang on my neck. C’mon don’t laugh, it was the safest.  Keys fall out of pockets and in to pit latrines, someone can pickpocket you *jK* but somehow if you do not hang em on your neck chances of losing them was quite high. I couldn’t take chances so I took control. Lol. Don’t feel woishe for me, it made me who I am today. I couldn’t have chosen otherwise, maybe an option of showering with warm water and better food.
Where were we again? Uh, crying on my birthday. I was turning 9. Imagine. And the teacher wouldn’t let me see my daddy. How cruel? First term in boarding school, no mid-term just visiting day and no food or snacks was allowed. Cruel again. But I didn’t die. So I remember it was around 6:15ish, we had already had supper and I was walking to the class block because prep was about to begin. A friend of mine told me that my dad was in the administration block and I thought she was teasing probably because she had heard me talk about my past birthdays and how I wished I could get goody goody. I partly believed her and waited outside the class. I couldn’t miss. I didn’t want to be told; I wanted to see him with my own eyes at least.
 6:25. the bell went off and we all huddled to our various classes like we always did before we got canned. Very barbaric. I sat close to the window looking outside. 6:35, the one time I took a break, he had already passed my class almost at the gate. The class block faced the sun and the gate, so it was as if I watched him walking to the sunset and I watched his steady steps, blue paper bag in his hand; I could smell the sweets and chocolates and all those confectioneries, until the long shadow aligned with his silhouette and I wanted to call him out.
 Love can make you do crazy things; I was about to prison break out of that class. I didn’t think twice, I rose and ran out the door, and towards the washrooms which was near the fence. I knew a spot so I called out “daddy” and he looked to my direction. I waved frantically as if to make up for the hug and he smiled and waved back with a huge consoling smile as if to say “the sweets will be waiting at home darling, I will make sure nobody touches them”. He didn’t risk coming to the fence.
Tears started rolling, I couldn’t stop. They gushed out like fountains. I wanted to go home. To my daddy. To sit on his lap and play brick game together.  To have my sweets. I felt sick and just stood there  as he signaled me to go back to class, I think he imagined the number of canes I could be served and he didn’t want to be the cause of such a harsh birthday present.  Luckily, no one saw me do my little illegal business and I walked into class sniffing. The nosy ones who asked what was wrong I told them it was just a terrible stomach ache and they left. At least I got a card delivered though.

Bottom line, dear men, do not deceive us you forgot our birthday and ladies if he honestly doesn’t remember it, you probably don’t mean much to him but they are not my dad. *and that’s none of my business* 

Taking Stock 3.

Making:  It clear to myself that I need to calm down because for some odd reason I am thrilled that it is my birthday but I just can’t contain myself. I am beyond ecstatic. Very high spirits.

Cooking: Considering it is morning, I am having my daily dose of morning coffee. Haven’t made anything yet for breakfast because I had made sweet potatoes so I might as well have that instead of bread, I am trying to incorporate more healthy meals in my diet.
Drinking: I just said I am taking coffee but I would have loved some fresh mango juice. I have to confess I am a mango addict. I can live on Mangoes alone for quite a number of days. I haven’t tried but I definitely should and know how exactly that will pan out.
Reading: Den of Inequities by Kinyanjui Kombani. Best Kenyan writer since Marjorie McGoye. The book takes you through the city; I can maneuver the streets with the flow of the story. That’s the good thing with reading about home, because you can see that highway and the pothole and the shacks and the mansions and can relate to the wait at the bus stop and the likes.
Wanting: Ribs for lunch. Already. And its only 9am. Or dinner but I really am craving ribs.
Playing:  Turning me on Keri Hilson ft Lil Wayne. The Keri Hilson playlist is on and I like the lost school vibe on Tracy Day.
Wasting: Nothing at all. Or I cannot notice what exactly it is that I might be wasting at the moment.
Wishing: I could have been exactly where I wanted to be today, but you know how we make plans and then God laughs. Yeah, not that I am complaining but also realizing God’s timing is the best and I am making progress anyway.
Enjoying: The quiet of the morning, it is so peaceful unlike the weekends when children are all over the place yelling and running around outside and there’s nothing you can do about it.
Liking: The scent of Crème6 oils. I know that’s a random one but it smells heavenly and feels really great on the skin. I hope they won’t stop producing them because I might have found the one.
Wondering: Why everyone else wants it to rain and all I want is for the sun to shine for the rest of time. Maybe if it rains only at night. I love the sunny weather.
Loving: Wena and Easy to love. Heavy K is a boss!! Bucie is just that lady too.
Hoping: that I can get a good tailor who can make me an actual bralet from Ankara. I am very much afraid of these tailor business because they make the first things perfectly and then do the second so shoddily you can’t even wear the damned thing.
Marvelling: At how much long it has been since I started blogging. 4years. A baby born at around the same time now goes to school with a fancy bag with a cartoon on the back. So cute in that little uniform and tiny shoes. 
Needing: to get a good barber, I have been singing the big chop song I think it is time we went bald.
Smelling: The Crème 6 oils scent and Amla hair lotion they actually smell the same, and look the same. I hope you are not thinking what I am thinking but I like it either way.
Wearing: A black dress.
Following: A healthy meal regime because it is better to eat healthy now than to have to cut down on things in the future.
Noticing: I am becoming better every day at working out. I have done almost 45 minutes of a number of exercises and I am feeling like I can build a skyscraper and dig a volcano. No more painful musclesJ
Knowing:  Better than to have expectations from people. You can only save yourself the others can be there or not, learn to stand alone but never try to lean solely on someone else.
Thinking: About how I need to change from blogger to WordPress. I hear you are having difficulties commenting. It is bound to happen sooner than later. I am working on it.
Feeling: Wonderful that today I check my stats and we are getting to 6k. Thank you for stopping by, you made me smile and it will be better if you share too. Thank you very much, I am counting on you.
Bookmarking: Brian Tracy and Robin Sharma websites, I have been getting some real good vibes from on there.
Opening: I should be opening gifts and what not but I guess that will be in the evening, yeah? Friends? Family? Ok.
Giggling: Laughing at Angela’s Jokes. This girl is so funny, if only our inside jokes could be commercialized we would be making it big in the industry but meanwhile I am sorry we have to keep the hysterical laughter to ourselves. ION my niece cant say Syokimau she says Kismayu, cracks me up every time where did she even get that?

Feeling: All sorts of happy because for the umpteenth time I am mentioning that it is my birthday, excuse my exhilaration but I can’t explain the source and it’s not like I want it to go away so let me enjoy it while it lasts.

Borrowed Posts: Mr.Githaka’s way to the top.

I am sure you have noticed by now I like to keep my posts short, but here is a long post alert. Whatever you do, read it to the end. I Borrowed it from Nonini who borrowed it too. I did not edit anything, I lifted it as is. This is definitely going to be worth your time. What I know is that it will speak to someone as it spoke to me and that alone is enough. Amen? Amen. Without further ado, here goes.
Mr. Githaka says he was so ambitious from childhood that he achieved to join the only secondary school he ever wished of joining (while everybody selected 3 school, he only did did one school), went to the university he dreamt and pursued the career he ever wished. But after becoming an architect (the only job he knows he could make money without struggling) he realized that still he didn’t have the clout and clamor of a billionaire.
He wanted to make more money. So he listed down 10 billionaires in Kenya. The likes of Njenga Karume, John Michuki, Chris Kirubi, Mwai Kibaki,James Mwangi etc and embarked on a study about these people. His main aim was to discover what happened with them. When was their turning point? What did they discover? What do they do? What don’t they do? Obviously, these are normal men, with normal upbringing and faced same challenges as their peers but there came a time when the broke loose from their peers and ended up where they are. So in 3 years, he tried and met 9 out of the 10 billionaires just to try and discover them.
After interacting with them, he found 5 things about these guys that they have in common and that has made them be where an what they are.
The five things are:

1. They Understand The Power Of Many (Numbers.) 

The richer you are the further you go away from
your business (the more you disassociate self from the business) but the poorer you are, the more you want to identify with your business.
Successful business people do not have “my business” they have “our business idea.” That’s why when you go to a place like Silver prings hotel, chances are some employees there do not know who owns the place and have never seen him/her. But when you go to a poor person’s business, that person is always there worse even as the cashier, accountant, attendant etc. The trick of business success is in numbers not in self. As long a you have a personal business called “mine” then be sure you are headed to
poverty. People die but companies don’t die.

2. They Are Serious Borrowers. 

Borrowing money is their cup of tea and their signature. If you have never borrowed money, you will never lend money. And cant lend it if you don’t have it. A bank is a broker between the poor and the rich. The only place where the two meet is in a bank. The poor brings the money and the rich takes it. A poor person saves the money because they have more money than their thinking capacity. So they keep the money there so they can go and think what to do with it… Rich people come to pick that money because they have many ideas than the money they have. So they come to pick that money to go implement those great ideas. Only poor people operate savings and fixed deposit accounts. Fixed deposit accounts are for the living dead. People who undertake and commit that they will not think about any idea for that money until the expiry of that period of time, and that if they end thinking and what that money, then they will be penalized. Rich people operate current accounts. Therefore, a bank exists purposely for 2 reasons:

A) For the poor to bring in the money

B) For the rich to come and take it away.

Banks make more money from borrowers than savers. Hence they respect the former more.

3. They Have High Level NETWORKS!

These people as explained in the 1st point believe the power of many. As a result, they have many likeminded friends who can be of benefit to them. They have friends all over. Rich people have no age, tribal, geographical or gender boundaries. It doesn’t matter who or what you are. As long as you are of value to their ventures. Building such networks need a lot of travelling and interacting with people. People never get rich in their hometown. Somebody who dreams of being rich, regardless of their age or status, must have; A Driving license (because they will own a car – for them its criminal to be seeing cars everyday but never own one.), A passport (because you must travel widely to expand your networks and to sharpen your mindset – If you have been buying a suit in Kenya for Ksh. 30, 000) and find it in China at Ksh. 800, your language and ideas change.) and you must know how to swim because you are going to

have fun and relax.

4. They Are Great Risk Takers!

As long as you avoid taking risks, you are headed to the grave a poor fellow. Taking risks is like walking in the dark. You know where you are going but can’t see there. Better still, you are more confident and secure when you are accompanied than when alone. The more people you are the more secure hence the 1st point. Risk taking is about numbers.

5. They Have Read The BIBLE!

They understand and make use of the parable of the sower. The seed is the shilling. They put the shilling on the fertile land. They simply know where to put their money and where not to put their money.

They understand the current business trends and make business decisions with this in mind. If you bought a plot 5 years ago at Ksh. 500, 000 you are worth nothing 5 years later but that plot even if it will be worth 2M…the only way you can realize that money is by selling it or borrowing against it… (remember poor people don’t borrow neither can they *$#@damn it sell). A rich person will invest that same money somewhere where it will be worth 200M within the same period of time. That’s why you find a 2-bedroom house varying from Ksh. 2,000 to Sh. 80,000 or even more from one place to another. Or a cup of tea ranging from Ksh. 5 bob to Ksh. 500. Yet when you ask all these business people, you will discover that each of them decided the price. Why the variance? They know the value chain. In business the “Higher you go, the cooler it becomes…..and the lesser the pressure.” A landlord collecting Ksh. 2,000 for a 2-bedroom house has more problems than his colleague collecting Ksh. 80,000 for the same house elsewhere. While one has to literally come collecting payments at 4am every 1st day of the month (lest the tenant escapes), the other’s money is safely banked in his account even before the month ends. While one can even bargain with the tenant about the rent, the other is fixed, and you either or leave it. While one regardless of the cheap rent has few tenants, the other has a problem of too many tenants coming to look for housing. Same with the tea business. The one for Ksh. 5bob, the cup is bigger than the Ksh. 500. Yet the 5bob one can even “choma” you if you are not full or even can pay later if you don’t have cash. Unlike the Ksh. 500 one. Chances are the Ksh. 5 bob businessman doesn’t even have a bank account or goes to save. And he does everything in his business. Know where to put your money. Create value for your cash don’t battle with market prices. They are not your limit. Its better to be the last among the rich than to be the 1st among the poor.
A Poor (POOR) Person Is One Who:-

P- Passes 

O- Over 
O- Opportunities 
R- Repeatedly.