We are sometimes too swift to shift routes than switch gears. Some decisions take long to be made and implemented but some are very impulse. We regret some, but most of the time we learn.

Been thinking about cutting my hair for a while now, and every time I look in the mirror or when it comes to having to comb it in the morning I just think that the time is now and I should stop second guessing. For those with treated hair, you know managing hair with growth is a nightmare. I cannot imagine what you naturalista’s go through. I have renewed respect for y’all. Really.
In the past months and weeks I have had the thoughts a little over seventeen times a day and knowing who I am, I think I am about to become friends with the barber sooner than later. I have asked you people who the best barber is and no one seems to be taking me seriously.
 However, there are a few things that hold me back. I saw a feature on TV some time ago and I wanted to go DIY. The guy cut his hair at the barbers and he is suffering a horrible skin disease to date, that made him look like he had scales. It was so disgusting I didn’t get to watch the whole thing and I don’t want to disgust you either. Second thing that makes me think otherwise is the cold season coming up. In as much as I am not going bald, I can’t imagine what it is like not having enough warmth from the protective styling like braids or weaves. Yes, I said weaves, wigs too.
Third, you know how you tell yourself “its hair, it will grow”? What if it doesn’t or takes longer? It is different when you have hair then you have the option to chop it up. There’s the big chop but there’s nothing like a big growth. There’s also the moment when you are still at the barbers and you want to glue your hair back on because it did not turn out as you visualized it.
Tragedy of all things hair is when it doesn’t turn out like you expected. Like how I told you guys here about my encounter with some know it all’s who braided my hair. I like perfection. I have always been one to explain things to my hair dresser until they get because if they say they got it and make a mess out of my hair I never say nice things, there’s one who i had to stop midway when I realized they were doing the opposite of what I told them. I like someone who is honest with me from the very start. Just say “I have never done this before but I can try”, that way I am prepared taking the risk to sit down and trust you with my hair. It’s not too much to ask, just be honest.

I have seen a couple of people with short hair, not even a couple; I see all of you with short hair. Annabel Onyango looks fantastic with the short hair and she just might be my inspiration. Then I look back at pictures of me with long hair and I’m like “maybe not”. But we will know very soon. Sometimes it is good to think these things through. Feel free to drop a hair dressers contact below and your thoughts about the big chop are. welcome

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