Roundabout chaos

Reality hasn’t been this hilarious in a while. Especially in Kenya. It’s either we are protesting or protesting or protesting. Twitter brawls being the Wars we always win against anyone and everyone, ask Nigeria, ask CNN, ask BBC, Botswana, and is it South Africa or who? But Kenyans on twitter have bile like nobody else. Beware. Thou shall tread softly.
They can fight Mugabe and his dancing styles down the legacy he has struggled to build for 4,950,465 years he has been in power. They can troll anyone and anything when they have the time (which they always do). I like the cyberspace freedom we are experiencing and I hope it stays that way as long as it is not hurting anyone.  
Social Media has been awash with this roundabout thing. I do not know what to call it because….. I honestly don’t understand how this is going to make motorists (and commuters) lives better. I insist on motorists because y’all can’t just park by the side of the road and walk across the road and into the meeting room. Your car will probably be towed or someone might assume you don’t need it and help themselves to the things that can be dismantled. Or worse help themselves to the whole car.
On the flip side, change cannot change you, if it doesn’t challenge you. I can hardly say that with a straight face. I doubt this is the kind of change we need for now but what do we know? Our job is to elect shoddy people into office let them do shoddy work (read have bins to mark the roads and give stupid direction) when the 5 years lapse we repeat the whole process. When I am capable enough I shall build an empire somewhere where me and my people can go live in peace, all these chaos are just too much sometimes. 
I thought I should share. Why so serious? Enjoy the trolling.
This one had me in tears.