Let The Fashion Party begin.

FAFA X Maybelline Fashion Party

FAFA X Maybelline Fashion Party

FAFA has teamed up with Maybelline New York- Kenya and 4th Street wine to bring Nairobi a Quarterly Fashion Party. The Debut of the show dubbed “The Fashion Party” takes place on the 27th of June (tomorrow; in case you have a tendency of losing track of time) at the Ebony Lounge on Museum Hill, Westlands.

It is set to be a fun experience as it is the first of its kind. The first hours of the eFAFA-AND-MAYBELLINE-FASHION-PARTY.-2vening will have interactive activity. There will be a chill-out fashion lounge hosted by What’s Good LIVE, featuring top 6AM DJs playing the best of the beats, Live Streaming from the What’s Good LIVE Red Carpet. There will bea dedicated 4th Street Wine bar and a showcase of a range of designer styles including: shoes, handbags, jewelry as well as a Maybelline pop-up shop with instant make-overs and a live fashion photo shoot by Emmanuel Jambo.

The Maybelline “Maybe it’s You” Campaign winner will be announced at the event as well marking the end of the Face Of Maybelline Search. The top ten finalists were picked a month ago and put through training under City Models Africa Casting Agency where they were taken through a mini-model boot camp. This was to equip them with different modeling skills such as identifying their walk styles and helping them find their identity to make them more discoverable as they are fresh faces to the modeling fraternity.

The Brand Manager Maybelline Kenya, Abigail Akatsa said “Our girls have to look, live and breathe fashion 24/7. With international brand ambassador like Jourdan Dunn, it is essential that the Face of Maybelline Kenya New York can hold her own amongst fashion models. Having a fashion icon like Ajuma train our girls, will build their confidence and give them a head start.”

The top ten finalists will have a chance to strut the runway dressed by the 6 young designers’ outfits for the fashion show. FAFA came to be during the 2008 Post election violence aiming to bridge cultures through fashion, art and music. The FAFA Fashion Party event looks to reach out to the younger fashionable generation seeking for great buys at pocket friendly prices.



Just like me, you might have wondered a few times about how close we are to the end times or if we are living in the end times. I mean, all this crazy things happening to people and the even bizarre ones people are doing to each other, will never be normal despite its common occurrence. It will always be news. The thing that makes me more aware of these things is the relationship of the people engaging in the cruel acts. In very rare cases will you find complete strangers but in most of these cases, you will find relatives, siblings, spouses, very good friends and all those in the inner circle of friends.

There is one incident where a man killed his friend over 20 shillings. It was in the news. I commend those who covered it because they must have done the message in a way it stuck on me. Well, not the exact details but at least I remember the key message. We all have been in possession of a 20 shilling coin and I don’t know anyone being ecstatic about a single 20 bob.

I know 50,000 of those coins can make you a million bob but come on, what can a single 20 bob do for you? Hold up, I know there are people who live for that 20 bob for sure, I am not discriminating. Worst case scenario is if you lack or lose that 20 shilling it could cost you a meal or two at most. No one’s life is endangered. No one will die if they do not have that 20 bob. There are people who have lost millions of shillings but they still maintain their cool. Because they know that money will find its way back sooner or later.

My point being, such people are just frustrated. There are hundreds of things that go through someone’s mind. There are even more things people are going through. They pile and bottle them inside probably the best way they know how to deal with situations. That’s the same way people lose their minds. Just one more thing and the “bottle” is full. There’s the apparent reason.

Apparently, there is a man who killed the wife then chopped up the children as well then killed himself. I don’t know how the authorities found out about that order but that’s how it was told. A sane human being cannot take out the lives of others. I can’t slaughter a chicken about even slaughtering a hen so if you don’t like someone walk on. There must have been something underlying for this man to do that. I cannot play psychiatrist for now but there has to be quite a number of things that made this fella pick up a knife and chop up living beings.
Truth is, everyone gets frustrated sometimes and different people are frustrated by different things. But whatever it is, just deal with it as soon as it happens and in the most peaceful way. Bottling things up is not the best way to solve your misery.  And bloodshed is never as solution. Never has been, never will be.

Remembering Christmas



Christmas holidays were my favorite moments in my entire childhood. It was the time everyone was ecstatic about everything and the only time I wouldn’t get punished for my wrongs. Everything had a gleam to it, the nights were clearer, the skies starrier and the sitting room was brighter with all the shiny decorations and multicolored balloons.
However, the thing I loved most was the crates of soda in the hallway; the wooden gifts filled with bottles of goodness from Father Christmas. That’s one of the stories an uncle of mine who worked for Coca-Cola would tell me when I asked If Father Christmas pays visits to homes upcountry. He told me that because the farms were far and wide, he would leave the crates of sodas in our dad’s offices then they would bring home and share with those he loves.

The Wu-tang clan (My siblings all grown with their children)

The Wu-tang clan (My siblings all grown with their children)

My mother did not have the time to be angry because most of her time would be spent in the kitchen making delicacies she didn’t have the time to make all year round. All sodas were meant to be taken during Christmas day or thereafter but my brother could not wait. He took advantage of that no-punishment period to engage me in his mischievous escapades. On this particular Christmas eve, he came up with an idea of how he was going to steal a soda then replace it with water but I had to be the one checking out the coast was clear.
Of course stealing is done at night or rather that’s how the movies wanted us to believe. We finished our dinner earlier than usual and scampered to our rooms. It was so intense I felt like I was robbing a bank. The crate wasn’t hidden so it was quite easy to pick up the coke bottle strategically separated so it could make the least noise. He headed over to his room but locked himself up. He still didn’t open after several knocks and I knew I had been ousted from the plan. I stood at the door imagining the cold soda gliding down his throat and I knew I had to revenge. So I told up on him. I was glad he shut me out, the beating he received was not to be forgotten.
Come Christmas morning, that would be the day I would wake up earliest or sleep the least hours (I started cultivating this insomnia habit quite early) simply because I never wanted to miss out on anything. The nights were filled with movie marathons as we waited for midnight. My favorite movie for a long time was Home alone and I never grew tired of it. It made more sense to watch it around Christmas because it filled the snow void. 😂 It felt like I experienced the snow by watching and re-watching.
Christmas brunch was the epitome of bonding. We all sat together and shared the meal amid conversations but you know how the “table manners” is ignored. I use to overeat hides then gulp some Coca-Cola which used to act as a belch inducer, gross, I know. The remaining coke would always be too much for me so I froze it thinking I’d have it as ice cubes much later but I would always end up sharing it among my siblings as payment for handing me the tray and helping with the removal from the Ice tray.

I would relate the experience to that of this Coke commercial I loved because it made me feel and rekindle all those things I felt about family and being together.

Coke Studio Africa Success: Victoria Kimani

Victoria Kimani (Image Courtesy of www.fevatv.com)

Victoria Kimani (Image Courtesy of http://www.fevatv.com)

Victoria Kimani has become a household name in Nigeria as she is in Kenya such that people who do not know that she is Kenyan can be easily convinced she is from Nigeria. Being signed to Chocolate City might have been an underlying reason but the more reason she is now more popular is a result of her participation in Coke Studio Africa Season two where she collaborated with Flavor of Nigeria.

Coke Studio Africa is an entertainment platform created by Coca-Cola to bring artistes who have not met (or worked together) before from different countries. The artistes are given an opportunity to work with the crème de la crème of the music industry in one week to come up with a mash-up of their existing songs to seamlessly blend into one. The duo worked on two mash-ups which became hits with over a million views for each of the videos on YouTube. Compared to other artistes who collaborated, this dynamic pair received the most reception due to their chemistry both on stage and the unbroken nature of their mash-ups.


I liked a @YouTube video from @cokestudioafr http://t.co/OzLo7DoN1P I Dont Love You, Victoria Kimani & Flavour, Coke Studio Africa,

Posted by Gerald Langiri on Wednesday, October 15, 2014

This experience seemed to work better for Victoria as she is now among the most sought after artistes in Nigeria. She currently hosts a show and has concerts left right and center. I doubt you can be able to do all this without having a strong fan base because otherwise, the few fans can get bored and choose not to show up. She is a natural charmer, an original that is able to cater to the needs of her fans and audience music wise. She also depicts the willingness to learn and keep working on her growth as seen in her growing popularity.

The show is currently on the production stage of its third season taking place in Kenya. Everything is done in under one week and the performance has to be perfect because it is live. I am certain a number of artistes still have fears of performing live due to a reason or another but the artistes are able to deliver under pressure.

Reason To Believe

Believing, faith and focus can take you to the places you have only dreamt about. That is why Coca-Cola have re-launched their billion reasons to believe Campaign to remind Africans and especially Kenyans that there is so much we can achieve as long as we believe in ourselves and trust the dream we have.

#BillionreasonsToBelieveInKenya #BillionreasonstobelieveinAfrica  (Image Courtesy of  Yogi Chauhan)

#BillionreasonsToBelieveInKenya #BillionreasonstobelieveinAfrica
(Image Courtesy of Yogi Chauhan)

I first watched the commercial as an ad on YouTube and for once I did not “skip AD” but watched it to the very end. I must give props to the team that put together this particular one because it resonates with the ordinary everyday people who do are starting out in different phases of their lives or switching to different things.

The truth is that I was pulled into this movement because it motivated me to get up and do the things I have been putting out to a later time.  See, I had been blogging here for the fourth year now and I saw the need to take myself seriously so I bought a domain. I opened this word-press account for reasons of sharing content from other WP accounts via re-blogging. It was sheer experiment.

Years later, towards the end of last year; I realized WP is a better host because it is user-friendly and has variety of customization options. I bought a self-hosted domain in May (6 weeks ago) but I never had a clue on where and when to start. And then I came across the ad that spoke to me. (Hey Coke, you guys can use me as a success story in your next campaign ad, yes? Deal? Thanks.)


#billionreasonstobelieve #IamAreason #jiamini

Posted by Jua Cali on Wednesday, June 17, 2015

There is no saying where this road will lead me, but wherever my dreams will take me, I will most certainly carry my faith and not forget to believe in myself because #IamAreason (Coke said so.) Below is the video of the TVC and YouTube ad, I hope it shifts your life to the right lane like it did to me.


Beyond face value

Life is said to have no manual but I think it is a lie people in power tell us so that we don’t riot. Everywhere we turn there’s a sign telling us to TURN LEFT, DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS, PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK and so forth. For modern day “slavery” there are stacks of papers (carefully named contract instead of cuff, clever people those ones) with minute handwriting & written in Elizabethan English, you just might need the queen herself to interpret it for you leaving one with doubts of their English background.
I have always thought it is an aptitude test of sorts; to measure the level of commitment. Those invisible chains we bind ourselves to in exchange of money to pay bills. But the government, loan deductions and bills ends up taking almost all of it and we are right where we started. Point being, life as we know it is challenging enough. There is this you can’t do about that and you cannot do that about the other. I wonder who said I should have been born a person. What if I wanted to be a penguin and just swim for the better part of my life? Or a unicorn?

My brother will do the wiring, he gave his fair share of headaches. I will fix the settings mom. 😘

My brother will do the wiring, he gave his fair share of headaches. I will fix the settings mom. 😘 (Photo courtesy of jodilmilnerauthor.wordpress.com

I have once doubted if I was adopted because my mother and I lived like constantly brawling co-wives. We never had a normal conversation; it was either a fight or tense silence. Anything she said sounded like she was yelling even when I know very well my mother’s tone is not a soft one and the pitch of the people from my tribe doesn’t help. Then throw in involuntary eye rolling and that conversation changes from “you need to clean your room” to “I will disown you not regret one single bit. If your father comes for you I will disown him as well.” All the time we were at loggerheads I really doubted her parenting skills for sure. (I am sorry Mom, I love you)



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Looking back, the person I am is worth all the wrath.😅😅 I can confidently say my mother did a pretty good job at raising me and putting her foot down about so many things. I may not be exactly how she might have wanted me to turn out but I know for sure she had my best interests at heart. And she was right. The harsh high school I led taught me a thing or two about life. So have a few other experiences and encounters.

The Coca-Cola team rolled out the Billion reasons to believe in Africa campaign to encourage its community of consumers to believe in themselves with the hashtag #IamAreason attached to it. The reason they decided to go that particular way is because for one there are a billion people in Africa. If I am going to believe in myself and you do the same and we all jump on that vibe, there will be a billion reasons to believe in Africa which also represents unity and teamwork.
The rules and regulations that are put in place might look like people are trying to secretly enslave us in reverse or subjecting us to torture but really they mean well. That boss who is always on your neck means to toughen you up because they see a successor in you.
Not all who put you through “hell” mean to harm you, you need to trust others and let them be your support system selectively but cautiously. Be positive and choose to see the glass as half full; only then will you enjoy the moment. #BePositive #IamAReason let others #beAreasonToo
Below is what Olaf, a character from “Frozen” the movie, goes through due to lack of trust in his friend and seeing the glass half empty.