Reason To Believe

Believing, faith and focus can take you to the places you have only dreamt about. That is why Coca-Cola have re-launched their billion reasons to believe Campaign to remind Africans and especially Kenyans that there is so much we can achieve as long as we believe in ourselves and trust the dream we have.

#BillionreasonsToBelieveInKenya #BillionreasonstobelieveinAfrica  (Image Courtesy of  Yogi Chauhan)

#BillionreasonsToBelieveInKenya #BillionreasonstobelieveinAfrica
(Image Courtesy of Yogi Chauhan)

I first watched the commercial as an ad on YouTube and for once I did not “skip AD” but watched it to the very end. I must give props to the team that put together this particular one because it resonates with the ordinary everyday people who do are starting out in different phases of their lives or switching to different things.

The truth is that I was pulled into this movement because it motivated me to get up and do the things I have been putting out to a later time.  See, I had been blogging here for the fourth year now and I saw the need to take myself seriously so I bought a domain. I opened this word-press account for reasons of sharing content from other WP accounts via re-blogging. It was sheer experiment.

Years later, towards the end of last year; I realized WP is a better host because it is user-friendly and has variety of customization options. I bought a self-hosted domain in May (6 weeks ago) but I never had a clue on where and when to start. And then I came across the ad that spoke to me. (Hey Coke, you guys can use me as a success story in your next campaign ad, yes? Deal? Thanks.)


#billionreasonstobelieve #IamAreason #jiamini

Posted by Jua Cali on Wednesday, June 17, 2015

There is no saying where this road will lead me, but wherever my dreams will take me, I will most certainly carry my faith and not forget to believe in myself because #IamAreason (Coke said so.) Below is the video of the TVC and YouTube ad, I hope it shifts your life to the right lane like it did to me.



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