Just like me, you might have wondered a few times about how close we are to the end times or if we are living in the end times. I mean, all this crazy things happening to people and the even bizarre ones people are doing to each other, will never be normal despite its common occurrence. It will always be news. The thing that makes me more aware of these things is the relationship of the people engaging in the cruel acts. In very rare cases will you find complete strangers but in most of these cases, you will find relatives, siblings, spouses, very good friends and all those in the inner circle of friends.

There is one incident where a man killed his friend over 20 shillings. It was in the news. I commend those who covered it because they must have done the message in a way it stuck on me. Well, not the exact details but at least I remember the key message. We all have been in possession of a 20 shilling coin and I don’t know anyone being ecstatic about a single 20 bob.

I know 50,000 of those coins can make you a million bob but come on, what can a single 20 bob do for you? Hold up, I know there are people who live for that 20 bob for sure, I am not discriminating. Worst case scenario is if you lack or lose that 20 shilling it could cost you a meal or two at most. No one’s life is endangered. No one will die if they do not have that 20 bob. There are people who have lost millions of shillings but they still maintain their cool. Because they know that money will find its way back sooner or later.

My point being, such people are just frustrated. There are hundreds of things that go through someone’s mind. There are even more things people are going through. They pile and bottle them inside probably the best way they know how to deal with situations. That’s the same way people lose their minds. Just one more thing and the “bottle” is full. There’s the apparent reason.

Apparently, there is a man who killed the wife then chopped up the children as well then killed himself. I don’t know how the authorities found out about that order but that’s how it was told. A sane human being cannot take out the lives of others. I can’t slaughter a chicken about even slaughtering a hen so if you don’t like someone walk on. There must have been something underlying for this man to do that. I cannot play psychiatrist for now but there has to be quite a number of things that made this fella pick up a knife and chop up living beings.
Truth is, everyone gets frustrated sometimes and different people are frustrated by different things. But whatever it is, just deal with it as soon as it happens and in the most peaceful way. Bottling things up is not the best way to solve your misery.  And bloodshed is never as solution. Never has been, never will be.

3 thoughts on “FRUSTRATION PARADE.

  1. I agree with one thing. Killing for 20 shillings – I think that was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. But now am also thinking, if I kept 20 shilling coins in a large jar until they reached 50,000 I could be a millionaire. And any time you are careless with a 20 shilling coin, you take a step back from a millionaire dream.


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