The Underground Legend.

Young Guru

Young Guru

I have not been one to believe in associations for titles but they sure do help in gaining recognition. There are situations that cannot be avoided however, like when you are the brains behind the scenes of the making and executing something legendary. That is who Young Guru is; A legend who has made other legends.

The making of a track doesn’t just happen. It takes more than just an MC spitting into the mic. There’s a writer, a producer, and all those other people that Google knows but I don’t because duuh, I don’t make music but it is a high time I got to the bottom of it. That’s some quite ignorant statement, but surely I can be excused this once, can I?

When someone has a bigger presence than you do, your name becomes the second or third Identity. Like Lupita’s brother (whom I took a selfie with), the guy with a big forehead (bikozulu), or that politician with a big wig. You get my drift. Behind every rap megastar, there’s a very talented engineer. Young Guru was at the desk throughout the recording and mixing of Jay‑Z’s smash-hit album, The Blueprint 3.

Young Guru has been Jay Z’s DJ for 16 years now. They have had plenty of successes together as a team. The good thing is when you struggle with these people their struggles become yours and their successes as well. Jay is said to be the biggest success story in African American History: by association Young Guru is the biggest sound engineer, DJ and Producer in Hip-Hop – my conclusion.

In the music industry people are picked and dropped like flowers and petals but Jay has worked with YG for 16 years meaning a child who was born when they started working together are now teenagers. It takes trust and epic work ethic to be able to maintain such a good relationship with your partner. I haven’t met YG yet but I respect his work already. It also means that YG saw the genius in Jay long before he ran these streets and he chose him as well.

Besides all that noise; Young Guru is coming to Kenya. Ladies and Gentlemen if you have never been close to Jay, this is the closest you will ever be😁😂 you can’t touch his hair, maybe take a selfie. He will be Deejaying at Ebony Lounge this Thursday (16th July) With Opening acts from our very own Legendary DJs Mix Master Lenny, FinalKut and Oksyde.

You can get your advance tickets from 1500KES advance 2000 KES at the gate



Take Five: Things you better recognize about Young Guru.

  1. He was teaching African History Classes at a community center hence the moniker Young Guru which he carried over when he started DJing as a teenager.
  2. In 2011 he was nominated for a Grammy for producing Best Rap Song “Empire State of Mind” by Jay Z and Alicia Keys.
  3. The beast on the beats has been credited for his contribution to the success of some of the most-popular talent in music other than Jay like Yeezy, Beyonce, Rihanna, Ludacris, Mariah Carey, T.I, Talib Kweli among others.
  4. He has been named the most influential man in hip-hop you’ve never heard of (because the people he makes overshadow him) by Wall Street Journal this year.
  5. He has been Kanye’s and Jay Z”s official tour DJ for “Watch the throne album” and Nonchalant as well. He has also appeared in Jay’s documentary.


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