A sprout too late.

The excitement, expectation and speculation surrounding the coming of big brother Obeezy has me thinking how ready was the government for this grand visit? Years of anticipation of his visit since his first term in office and boycotted him for a while when he visited Tanzania and snubbed his “homeland”.image

It could be a little of tradition everywhere especially in Africa where people polish up their surroundings when an important visitor is expected. People even wear their best. It’s quite normal. This one time my mother was visiting at my SQ and I put in all the work I could to prepare for her visit. On that weekend I moved everything and cleaned every corner including removing nonexistent cobwebs & wiping off imaginary dust. My sufurias had to be scrubbed and all utensils cleaned as soon as they were used. I was almost nervous. My house was already clean but I did not want to look like I had failed her as a mother and OCDlette. Including folding my clothes and ensuring the laundry basket was empty.

The moment she walked in and approved I was ecstatic. Even if she hadn’t approved, I would’ve patted my back and bought myself a couple bars of white chocolate as a reward. What made all this possible is the fact that I did not have to bring a wall down and build another then paint it in such short notice. All that was realistic within the allocated time.

As a government, someone should’ve confirmed the coming of Obama at least three months or so ago. They only had one job. They should also have laid out plans to have the city beautified long before this unnecessary mess they are suddenly making us look like. Also because as residents of this country we do not deserve a generally beautiful city yet people cough up taxes from their meager salaries and it goes into private projects of a few greedy persons with the notion of owning Kenya.I hope we will get to a point where all these things can be done in black and white by selfless, educated leaders who have the interest of the future of Kenya at heart.


I am not certain who exactly is in charge of the physical preparation of the highways and what not but I will go with Mr.Governor and team. Friend knew the bro was gonna drop these sides but what did he do? Cross the road to Kempinski because his siren wasn’t working that day. Otherwise the thing would go off and everyone would give way because it is what it is. We elect arrogant people who end up failing us butt up. For the remaining part of his term he is more than delighted and determined to bring Nairobi to its knees.

Nairobi is hosting the Global Entrepreneurship Summit not African or East African, Global. Meaning not only Obama is going to be in the country but also investors. Tonnes of Investors with top dollar to invest at that. But what do our highways look like? An unfinished and shaddy mess. That’s what we look like from outside in. Reason being someone waited until two weeks too late. Too bad nature couldn’t be bribed to let the grass grow to required level.image

As if on cue, Mr.Governor was trending today on Twitter. Just the props I needed to spice the rather dull piece sitting in my drafts. Follow the conversation on twitter with the hashtag #KideroGrass #kiderograssWithAromat Kenyans sense of humor is beyond situation irony though.


If only these people we elect could have Nairobi as beautiful as they had visualized it at first then we probably look presentable and serious. I hope whoever is in charge takes the lesson and keeps Nairobi and Kenya as beautiful at all times and takes care of all roads with the same keenness and urgency we pay taxes. I hope the plan to beautify and maintain the country will be a long-term one and keeping the streets clear of street families.


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