Kenyan Designer O’clock

Fashion in Kenya has been defined by the western culture for a long time now but it is definitely a good time to be a designer in Kenya. In as much as our designs are borrowed from the west, at least we have to say they are locally made and that is a good place to be in the fashion journey.

Most of the red carpet ensembles are now locally made and an African touch thrown in there which I appreciate because it is wearable and one can probably wear it to more than one occasion (if you don’t mind). My reasoning is that if you are going to pay thousands of shillings for a dress then I better be able to wear it at least to another occasion because I’m not Beyoncé and it’s never that serious to be seen in the same dress twice. It is the reason they make durable fabric aye.

Yvonne Afro-street has been one of the most visible people in the local fashion market.  She is now going regional, (already has) dressing prominent women because she is fast like that.  You know you are doing something right when three or more dresses are designed and made by you. Big up to her and all those trying to make a mark.

Kitenge Ensemble

IMG_8475 IMG_8653 Mercy Masika Wambui Kamuyu

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