Stromae in East Africa!! Alors on danse!!

Stromae small kgl poster oct 2015Pop Music Global phenomenon brings his internationally acclaimed live show dubbed ‘Homecoming Tour’ in Rwanda this Saturday 17th October 2015 at ULK Stadium. The concert is set to be the biggest live music show of the decade to take place in the East African region, attracting guests and tourists from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda and beyond to Kigali for this grand affair.

Paul Van Haver better known as Stromae is a Belgian/Rwandese (yes, Rwandese. Like we don’t call Lupita Kenyan) Of course this will interest you. The father was however absent during his childhood, I guess that was his inspiration to Papaouitai, but was killed during the 1994 Rwandan genocide. He drew some inspiration from Congolese rumba as he did not always feel that he was Belgian despite being brought up there.


Discovering new artists is my joy. Even better when I look through their YouTube/sound cloud and i find more interesting pieces of music. I call them pieces because to me music is like art. People go to museums and stare just the same way I can have a song on repeat for days on end. Ok. Maybe a day.

I got introduced to Stromae’s music during my gap year when I watched loads of TV and had it on throughout the day and night.  I didn’t know any French so I would lie if I said I had caught a word or two. Alors on Danse was the virgin track, and it stuck through the day. I don’t know why I had first associated the voice with a slightly buffed man but after watching him in his element I haven’t thought of anything else he should’ve looked like.


Well, I still don’t know any French but I am madly in love with his music. Stromae is quite the emotional singer. I remember feeling teary when I first watched the Formidable video which I couldn’t quite comprehend if he was acting as a drunk or a depressed human. I can’t decide which is my favorite song because I am just in love with his fine lanky a**.

During an interview with Aljazeera, Stromae said, “Returning to Rwanda is going to be special, deep and really important. This is my origin – I will meet my family. I can imagine that it’s going be a lot of feelings and emotions as I discover my country.”

Following the cancellation of Stromae’s planned concert in Rwanda earlier this year after falling ill, Stromae is back in Africa to finish his Global Tour in Kigali – the birthplace of his father. This is following a triumphant Kinshasa concert, and North American tour concluding with a sold out show at New York legendary Madison Square Garden this October 2015

You are probably in Kenya wondering how this will work on such a short notice. Rwandair has your back. Visit and book online to get ongoing discounted flight fares to Rwanda from East, Central, South and West Africa. Offer runs while seats last. In addition, RwandAir is supporting ISSANO Organization (Stromae’s hosts) and Rwanda Tourism to offer 20% off flights to Kigali (visit to see Stromae (till Saturday 17th noon).

You can hop onto a bus tonight. Its not too late. For the love of Stromae.

Gates will open at 4:00 p.m. music start at 6pm and the star will the stage at 8:00 p.m.

For further details follow @Anyikopr on twitter and on Instagram


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