Back to bald

Back to bald

Back to bald

After much contemplation and no conclusion, I stood before a mirror, took a pair of scissors and chopped off half of my hair. As it fell to the ground I felt better, another chop I felt happier and lighter. I kept going and never looked back. It might have been the boldest, most liberating decision I made about changing my appearance ever.

It had always been about weaves and we know that is reversible. One time my hairdresser failed me terribly and I remember undoing the weave that same night. I’m glad I took a break from that and other hair nightmares. I had done so much research about going natural but never quite felt the push to go to a barber shop and get it done once and for all.

Having sought for opinions but never quite following because every time I opened my mouth to ask the question I knew exactly what I wanted. Short hair. However, I never brought myself to asking around (window-shopping) physically for a barber like ladies do for hairdressers. Ok, I had asked a couple of times on twitter but we all know how that goes. No one talks back or if they do it’s usually a creepy stranger who says something strange like “how deep is your love?” or annoying “nyoa panc”.  I have 3 active followers; I can’t blame anyone for the lack of response.

This was after much hair fixing that wasn’t quite working. I had treated hair but the ends kept falling off. Before my treated hair I had the best hair ever. It was healthy and grew like hyacinth. All I did was oil and comb it into a neat pony tail every morning. When you are in high school there’s not much choice left to you and your mane. I wasn’t quite obsessed but when I measured, it was a little longer than the 30 cm ruler.

Fast forward to after high school. I had gone bald somewhere along the way leaving most in shock. It spread like a horrible rumor but people got used to it as fast. I liked not having to care much for hair and enjoying showers from head to toe daily. Then I grew it back again.

This time wasn’t as rosy as the other. It was a struggle. Then I treated it. For a moment it was ok then i colored it because I sought adventure. Can I say that was the beginning of the end for my mane? Ever since, I wouldn’t bring it to cooperate. The ends grew weak and weaker, too much fixing was needed.

A friend with much worse hair struggles asked me to take her to the barber one evening. She let go of her struggle of close to four years. She looked absolutely fabulous. Every time my hair gave me a hard time I thought of going her way but relented. Then came Lupita, Annabel Onyango followed. The idea was sold albeit cowering from the scissors teeth.

My last straw was when I did a weave that left me feeling like a hairy orangutan instead of sitting pretty on my head. Week in, week out I hated the bangs and couldn’t wait to get home to get it off my face. I feel itchy and exhausted narrating the experience.

Here I am, back to bald since 14th of June and loving it. Does any of you have hair struggles? You need my barbers number? Know a better barber? Think I should grow it back? Hate weaves as well? Talk to me.