These Leaping words.

The second month of the year is over and I am wondering where the time has gone because just yesterday, January: we were complaining of how the month just won’t come to an end. We have 366 days this year, what did you do with your extra 24 hours? I had different plans. The way my day is set up, I don’t have the luxury of going to leap, literally. Neither does my height phobia allow.Yet.


This month has rushed by for me because I had my hands in a million things. I feel lighter with this last page of this chapter. Through it all, a few things have become clear. And that’s fine because going forward I might be familiar and prepared. Hopefully.

The next 29th of February will be in 2020, I know you know how to count, so I thought I might as well have my words leap. As tribute. Catch up on the other three posts.  Read more about Songoma, the freshest boy band in Kenya at the moment. Some of my loco friends shared a list of things women want and we had a brief back and forth so I thought I could narrow it down for them and anyone else who might be clueless. Lastly, as 2015 was coming to an end, Google had a list of the most searched information in different categories, find out what I picked to expound on.

Also my device has been having problems, I could come up with a draft post on my word document and it just disappears when I run out of charge. One time, Word wouldn’t activate at all so allllll the unsaved drafts I had in my history went with the wind. The juices don’t come that often either. I found a temporary solution because my geek friend is that badass.

Now, the thing is that I could be typing my bent thoughts because the juices are flooding then the system just freezes, like Rango.  Forcing me to act sane for a couple of minutes until it comes back or restarts itself. This is the most annoying part in technology but In all this I have learnt to be a patient person. I have been told it is a windows 10 thing? Is there anyone else having the same problem?

In other news, I have not in particular admitted to being overwhelmed or busy but instead as lazy or horrible at time management. Then I try to make the most of what I have because this might be a familiar cycle, complaining how time drags itself at the beginning then complaining how fast time has flown. We might not realize it but complaining has become such second nature that we are even eager to complain. Don’t believe me?

This is how  exchange pleasantries lately.

A: Hey, how are you doing?

B: I’m good, I can’t complain. You?

Sound’s familiar, aye? That used to be my response as well, up until I decided to be conscious about it. Maybe the reason we have lots to complain about is because we attract them with our words, mannerisms and whole being that they subconsciously become second nature and slide into our pleasantries.

For a while I used to ask in return, “are you always looking to complain?” with a smile so I don’t sound like a meanie. I could get blank faces in return. I guess it either made them uncomfortable or they just didn’t understand. I decided otherwise. I choose not to shove my energies into people’s lives. Let them call whatever they want to call into their lives.

Because we always look for reasons to celebrate, Happy leap year.😉

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