What women want.

Fantasies might be far-fetched but they are existing realities as well: especially those that women have of the ideal man. All those movies we have watched and the overly dreamy novels we have cozied up to read made us have the slight shred of hope.


A man who opens doors is just as sexy, letting the lady go first will never ever go out of style. We squeeze into clothes and other things, doors should not be one of those. Let ladies in first, this will never go out of style. The bonus is that you get to check us out. The only time you should go first is if there’s danger. Then you can go first and cover us from whatever it is.

Date a woman, take her out on an actual date. It is called dating for a reason. Make plans and go out to a quiet place, get to know her. There is something about serene environments and looking into each others eyes that makes human susceptible to opening up. Dinners, breakfasts, lunch, the works. There are very many options to fit different budgets. So no, we are not asking for the 5.4 million night, we are a little grounded than that. But if you can afford it without your bank account squirming, why not?

Non-verbal cues will earn you a lot more than you expect. Look into her eyes when speaking with her, and actually listen to what they are saying. Random compliments will unlock doors you never knew existed. Especially when we are sort of mad or in a bad mood. Remember Ne-yo’s when you’re mad? Or mid conversation,maybe when we don’t even know you are looking. Just make sure you are confident about it and don’t be weird. Do your research.

Gift us thoughtfully for no apparent reason. It is not my birthday, I haven’t received a promotion, it is not valentines neither is it our anniversary, yet. But I have stared at a painting too long at the gallery, you have seen my eyes sparkle when I set eyes on those shoes, I have spoken about a particular book a few times. Sometimes it is code for “read between the lines” but at times we have bookmarked it somewhere in our minds and hope to get it another day. Confectionery, clothes, accessories, the list can’t be exhausted. Master the art of gifting.

A woman would want to look good for you if you are worth it. Glam tight dress, sky high heels, make-up and all. There is a very high chance that if I am going to take public transport I will not put as much effort for one reason or another. After a few pleasant dates, go pick up your woman from home and drop her back. unless she does not want you to. If you cannot pick her up, ask her to take a cab and pay for it. This is for those who are cut for the extra mile. Go figure.

Public display of affection is a winner. Leave your caveman days with your grandparents and hold your girls hand in public. If you are looking for a way to mark your territory and show her off at the same time holding hands is your answer. In doing so, you communicate in ways words cannot and we are experts at that, actually we are born to read in between those lines. Now go ahead and write them lines.

When you have crossed the line to get to visit each others home’s do things together as opposed to waiting for the other to do things for you. For instance making meals together. You might not be the ultimate chef but you can clean a plate and hand over a mortar from the top shelf. Make yourself useful, be more.

When you are on the other side, living together legally or not, offer massages and make sure you know how to give them. If you are a massage rookie, foot massages will be a good place to start. Know where to rub, in what motions and the intensity. You are not harvesting tea leaves so be gentle but firm with us.

Women’s fantasies are intertwined and run into each other, we appreciate them all and crave for more.Cuddling, warm hugs, shoulder’s to lean on on bad days, we want it all and we know you are capable. Just google, read a book, ask, rid the world of sulk one fantasy at a time.

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