The space between

Shout out to all the perfectionists in the world, for this shall be our excuse to not do things because we are afraid of our work not being perfect. Isn’t it bizarre that the blessing, (will and potential) of being so good at something becomes a curse in disguise. The curse that takes us so long to start on a project that we end up not doing or takes us too long to start that in the end we work under too much pressure and come up with a lackluster product. Sad familiar story to most people I know, including myself.


When I started blogging, I had no goal in mind. I was willing to put up my work for criticism because in the end I wanted to do a lot of writing for the public. I realized with every post that went up, I shred a small amount of fear. But perfectionists, never run out of fear. I put up goals a year later. I remember measuring my readership and number of posts to Nancie Mwai, back then when she used to post daily on her blog. I wanted to be halfway there.

You can guess. I failed miserably. That’s when you separate the grain from the chaff, the dreamers and the doers. There is the space in between dreaming and doing, it is called discipline. Often interpreted as busting your ass off regardless of what you feel like at that moment. I have overall found a new respect for those freelance people with consistency, you deserve all that comes to you.

With such high expectations for myself and having set the pedestal high and failing, I backed off, went back, picked up my fears and wore them up my sleeves. Fear of failure is the first obstacle for perfectionists.  Save for the 5% who will not go to bed until they are done with what they put their mind to. Some people can do what you do in ten years in two days, not literally.  That sends shivers down my spine. Knowing I could be so hung up on perfection that others get on level 100 while I am still at 37.

You will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take for sure. That’s why you will see people in professions you think you can do better than them, but it is because they took the chances. Hard-work beats talent any day. You can be the most talented person in the room but as long as you do not take shots you will not make it anywhere.

Healthy comparison is good, very healthy. There is also the space in between comparison and copying. There can never be two of someone else and there is no one who can do you better than yourself. This is when you know and observe your competitors, know what they can and cannot do, then offer your edge. That’s when you will start seeing results.

There is also the space between quality and quantity. That is the kind of growth I have come to see with Nancie. Unfortunately it is a process, you have to be in peoples faces first, get all the bad content out, learn the lessons, learn the trade, know what works for you. Bottom line, in between these spaces, living life and trying to adult: plan to succeed. Get busy going at it, It is okay to fail, as long as you learn from failure. Figure life. Do stuff.


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