Dear Michelle


Dear Michelle,

Or should I go with “Heeey Michelle?” A belated Happy birthday to you first of all. The 5th floor sure does look great on you. Let me get right into it. I thought being 8521 miles away from your extended reign, you would not have that much impact in my life as an individual. Until the day I saw you leave white house after this year’s inauguration with Barack.

Haha. First name basis, I know, I feel like I know you guys like that.

I guess it is true what they say, you never know what you got until it is gone.

I might never get over the blues that befell me seeing you disappear into the air force one. I am not even exaggerating. For a moment I expected to see your face as you entered the jet, you know, like in the movies. But this was the reality. I am just wondering, were you happy, sad, disappointed or indifferent? Regardless, I picked a few things from just observing you over the eight years, through what the media chose to give prominence. My gut tells me this is who you are even when the cameras go off. I trust that.

By being yourself and carrying out your duties as a mother and wife first before being the first lady of the United States, you have made me a believer of myself, my dreams, and a believer of the fact that a woman can do it all. You carried all that for eight years with so much grace and poise. Your mother taught you well. You can’t fake that stuff. From your laugh, smile, extended handshakes, hugs, waves to your occasional side eyes you never at one point failed to embody class.


From you, (through the numerous YouTube videos I have watched), I have learnt to be open to taking risks and not be afraid of failure. I do not know a single thing you have failed at so far. To me, this means that you have worked hard and smart to get them all up and running.

You have redefined sexy with intelligence, being only one of four USA first ladies with a graduate degree. You have persistently insisted that education is the key to freedom. Then passionately initiated the #ReachHigher2020 project, encouraging young girls to aspire to pursue higher education for themselves for a better future. All the projects you started were well thought, helpful and I hope they deeply impacted those you intended to reach.

You are the first, First Lady that I know of who lived her life publicly enough for me to relate to. Either that or the fact that you were placed under constant scrutiny. If that’s the case then your PR team was on deck!! Too late they cannot get a raise. Either way you came out very relatable. And the fact that not a single gossip ever reared its head from your past. Wow! God really reared you for this Michelle. From the stories you shared on how you went home for lunch in Kindergarten just like many of us, your first night in campus and how you met your husband.

I have set my sights and goals higher because I have you as a role model. You are all of the goals honey!! Body goals, fitness goals, (we remember you outdid Ellen on them push-ups), relationship goals, mom goals, #Wifegoals and #everythingGoals.

Michelle and Barack

Relationship Goals

I have never felt this allied to a political figure and I might never know another like you. I hope to meet you someday. I am sure I would send my dad that selfie for sure. It will excite him even if he won’t say it, I know. From all that you were, and still are, and all that you said in your numerous imperative, yet sincere speeches and coming from a place of love, I will remember you as a blessing.

If you ever feel like you need a distraction from your new life, or if you ever change your mind about running a country. You are more than welcome to Kenya, there is always room. We will not even go we desperately need a leader who can keep their promises. I could go on and on but as your husband said, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson. Girl of the Southside, You made me proud.

Thank you.

Signing out,

(Some random girl from Kenya)

XO Tracy.


10 thoughts on “Dear Michelle

  1. Well written Tracy. I can tell it is straight from your heart. Yup Michelle is goals hunnnyyyy. God bless you and with a role model like Michelle Obama, the sky is the limit.


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