Dear Obama


The man of the moment and the seasons.


I am afraid this is not about anything political, development, war/peace or economy related, so no I won’t be philosophical. I am just addressing the impact you left on most of those that paid attention to your exuberance. A friend of mine called you Mr. Correct speeches. (I feel like I am reporting them to you now that I have mentioned it). I almost caught feelings, sic, but then again, so what if you are? Not everyone has the charisma and wit like you do. So they can hate all they want.

From where I come from, we believe that you will know a good person from the way a child reacts around them. All those toddlers and little ones who warmed up to you sold me. To your goodness, kindness, mindfulness and above all, the rational manner in which you handled and used your power. You were, still are a good person, in my eyes. Nothing will change my fondness for you. You are an intelligent polished black man of outstanding character contrary to the stereotype.

I have to give it to you though, your “correct speeches” got me. Especially those that you spoke directly to the younger generation. Even when you did not say a word, you spoke to a magnitude of us who were observing you. In those cues, you spoke the language we understood the most including fist-bumps and mic-drops, yeah, those too. There are many people of different races, including myself, who have been inspired by what you said and by observing who you were thanks to media (YouTube mostly) and those moments D’souza captured that stole hearts.

In another life you could easily be a motivational speaker. Or a pastor. You definitely know how to speak into people’s hearts and steal them while at it. For real. And Michelle is one hell of a closer by the way, I know you know but I thought I’d mention in case you don’t know. Your non-verbal cues smell like fresh roses, scented candles, deep rooted friendship and belief for each other’s dreams (don’t mind me, I have a habit of likening feelings and things to scents).  You two make a whole lotta jars of sauce (ref: too much sauce), enjoy your vacation and happy valentines to you both. Could you do me a small, tiny, little, itsy, bitsy favour? Could you please ask Michelle to run for President some day soon? Do whatever you have to do and just convince her. We need her.


The love you have for each other is admirable.

The fact that most American citizens showed up in historic numbers during your initial inauguration and still gave you a second term is reason enough for me to believe that you indeed are an influential person and that you soberly made sound decisions as a leader for the benefit of those that put you in office.

My point being, you were and still are a very huge part of most black people if not all. You have changed and shaped perspectives, awakened dreams and given hope to many with big dreams. I would like to thank you for being the man, the husband and the father you are, for you held up an example for the men of this generation to look up to.

I know you hate those silences in between your speeches but I am now more than ever considering them. They make you look and sound wiser actually, I derived a lot of meaning from them. That is beside the point and my profession doesn’t provide for that, perhaps I could practice that in person, like a mimic or something. Sometimes my thoughts overlap my words and I really hate it when I end up saying things I only meant to think. It’s like having 20 tabs open and processing all the information at the same time. To top that my pitch is not the least, so yeah I need to tone that down a little too.

Your upbringing has been laid out and dissected bringing across facts and memories you had long forgotten. Probably forcing you to speak about some things you were never comfortable about. That’s the thing with life though. It is like being thrown into a deep end. Some of that has been used against you. They thought they were shaming you, but they didn’t know they were helping spread the message.

People from broken homes and families do not have excuses to cling to. If anything, you have made most people with troubled backgrounds believe that they can rise above their situations and write a bright future. That you can come from a regular school and make it to Ivy League schools and pursue dreams beyond your education.

Thank you for making time to come to Kenya for the summit, and taking time to speak with the youth, it was not taken for granted. Through being your authentic self, you have changed the minds of young men and women alike and for sure spurred change and progress amongst many.

Thank you Obama.

Tracy Out!


Yup!! We out.

6 thoughts on “Dear Obama

  1. This one is beautifully written, I hope some day he gets to read it. Indeed he is a great man who continues to inspire people around the globe. And that we can learn from how he treats his lady, priceless!


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