No Ceilings.

Comedian Eric Omondi cracking Jimmy's ribs.

Comedian Eric Omondi cracking Jimmy’s ribs.

Seeing Eric Omondi in the same space as Jimmy Fallon telling jokes reminds me of the day Lupita won the Oscars. I do not understand how it took place that Jimmy gave him the chance to make his crowd laugh and they did laugh, I would like to think it must be very hard for a native Kenyan to make white folks laugh because they are probably taking time to decode what you are saying half the time. For Eric, for his team, those that look up to him and Kenyans altogether that was a big deal!! Major Key!!

And you know what? Despite the time difference, the video was uploaded on March 1st, Kenyan time. Which happens to be Lupita’s birthday. I am not even pushing it. Quite the coincidence people, that great things shall be achieved in March. Which is also my birth month. I have not even scratched the surface of pushing it so save your eyeballs. Only three Kenyan’s have been on Mr. Fallon’s show; Lupita, Obama and now Eric. Wajaluo wasinotice aki, hatutapumua. 

We all now say dreams are valid, which is something Lupita said, they really are valid. All you have to do is dream. Have such wild dreams that they scare the batwings out of you. It is 3 years today since Lupita won an Oscar. She opened doors for so many of us to believe in our dreams that one day if we work at it and keep going, we can get where we really want to be or more. She has so far won 40 awards out of 54 nominations. I do not think her dreams were even that extravagant.

Eric is one of the best comedians Kenya has ever had and he credits his breakthrough to Churchill who has since been his mentor. I happened to attend one of Eric’s UNTAMED shows and there was not a single joke I didn’t laugh at. This guy has literally watered and natured his talent without attending any art school. I mean, even Obama said “Hawayuni,” remember?

Niambieni kufika ni nini? Si huyo amefika akapewa soda baridi na kiti akae?

One time Big Brother Africa (BBA) had Churchill go to SA to perform at the eviction show alongside a Nigerian comedian. I felt sad for him when no one laughed at his jokes. Not even a giggle. They couldn’t get the Runda and Kibera jokes. That is the day I accepted that these jokes have become so bland and domesticated that they will run their course to the point we might never have any comedy left. Remember how Mama Kayai and Ojwang, yeah.

Which brings me to the financial value of his trade. Entertainment in Kenya has not been a field that is fruitful enough to financially sustain an artist’s livelihood. During one of his talks, Eric mentioned that, “There’s money in the industry for entertainers and they should invest when they are hot. We live in an era where careers can end anytime, nudes or sex-tapes can leak, anything can happen.  If a successful artiste goes broke, that will be on their own merit.”

Lifestyles can get in the way once an artiste starts earning. Lavish neighborhoods, fancy cars and partying could become a norm when the season is at its peak. He cited incidents like those Mzee Ojwang, a comedy veteran, who died a pauper because there was no money for entertainers back then. “We should learn from the past mistakes and do things differently especially when it comes to controlling finances,” he added.


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