8 of the most unlikely piercings to ever exist

As if the openings you were born with are not enough some of us have made it a mission to punch holes in a little more than usual in the most unlikely of places. There are those that make artistic sense. Perhaps, the ears, navel, edge of the brow and nose.

Everything on this planet will be classified as long as it has anything to do with human race and piercing isn’t left out. These are the piercings that are bound to get you side-eyes from time to time.

  1. Web between the fingers (Syndactyly): You better not be carrying any house chores between the time you have the piercing because water and dirty water to be precise is an enemy of open wounds. Yes, it becomes a wound after the procedure and before the healing.
  2. Heel: Being one of the most unrealistic piercings one can have because of the unlimited movements of the foot that will always include the foot. This one is done at the Achilles tendons but if done slightly wrong could cause crippling as it includes piercing the most sensitive tendon in the body.
  3. Facial: You realize any part of the face and neck is pinch-able and that is canvas for piercing. Temple, nape, chin, cheek, cupids bow, lips down to the sides of the neck or nape. The deal here is to wear a very interesting ring on it and get it surgically done. Otherwise it looks shady and very thoughtless, and not by any chance those 20 bob rings hawked by the streets at night. And those infections are not attractive.
  4. Uvula: You will first and foremost need to be a loudmouth or be a Metal artist to have this one because there’s no other way to explain the piercing at the back of your mouth. At least that’s when it could make more sense. Contrary to belief, it is least painful of piercings and heals quite fast according to those who have had them.
  5. Nipple: This one is pretty hidden and has to be neatly done because the mammary glands are some of the most sensitive parts of the body and prone to infections. You would be surprised to know more men have this one as compared to women.
  6. Cleavage: the cleavage is one of the most attractive parts of a woman’s body and what better way to direct attention to it than to have a piercing on there as well right? The only problem is that the piercing is an enemy to chlorine, so you either choose to swim or have the piercing otherwise it will leave you an ugly scar you’d regret.
  7. Butt cleavage: Any pinch-able flesh is pierce-able is the key observation here and what better place to have the piercing than where most clothing touches and would hurt you unconsciously. When tastefully and properly done, this can be as sexy as a lower back tattoo but I can’t keep off the fact that a piece of cloth would get stuck on the rump where the eyes can’t reach to help separate.
  8. Stretching of the earlobes & lips: The creativity that goes into this requires patience as the flesh takes time to stretch. Usually, this is started from just a piercing and as soon as the hole heals, a bigger ring is inserted to expand the hole. They were common with the Maasai & Turkana traditionally, but now they are slowly gaining a craze. The process goes on to desired sizes and the most stretched earlobes to date are 4 inches wide.

After all of those pokes in the weirdest of places, there’s a variant of piercing and tattooing called flesh stapling and flesh plating. People have all the three together to form an artistic finish to a tattoo whereas stapling and plaiting can be done independently. Plating is a form of body modification where a metallic jewelry with desired shapes, stars, horns, round balls, etc. is placed beneath the skin and takes the shape when worn. Stapling is a piercing on two ends meant to imitate a staple and the flesh holds both edges. It is the most unsanitary of all piercings as one doesn’t have access to clean under the skin.

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