New Beginnings

Mornings mean new beginnings to me. Even better, new weeks, months and obviously the years. Somebarry say new year resolutions? New week resolutions, aye?

Probably it is the same for you too. The possibility of changing the course of your direction in life. The possibility to start the thing you have always wanted to try, which in this case for me has been to have a piece of the fashion blogging cake. I know. I can hear a dozen of my friends in my head rolling their eyes accompanied with a “FINALLY!”

Most times when I mention to anyone that I am a blogger, people always ask, “What do you blog about? Fashion?”

“Well, why is it so obvious that I would be blogging about fashion?” I asked someone one day after explaining how I blog about “random things”. They said you have a sense of style and you look like you could manage that well. Their words not mine.

Tracy Gesare

Being a perfectionist can really mess you up. I thought about fashion blogging first in 2014, I think. I thought long and hard about it but I was overwhelmed just thinking about all the things I did not have then. I wanted to start right at the top, hahaha. Really.

Great location, flawless pictures, tons of clothes, endorsements, ads, the whole Micah Gianelli type of thing. Of course if I had to do that I would wait for years and I am certain by the time I have the capacity my hands would be so full.

The long and short of this tale is that, I am trying my hand in Fashion blogging for 365 days from today. Let us see how that goes. I decided to start from where I am with what I have.

My baefriend Mercy aka Chemu Captures, who does amazing photography by the way, and I have been speaking about merging our passions. She will be the one doing my photography as she not only gets me, but she is also always up for a challenge.

The next post you see will definitely have a fashion thing in there. For now I shall leave you to guesses and anticipation.

Love and Love


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