Detox Diary: My Vegetarian story

When you leave the world you have known all your life, for the unknown, things change. Sometimes for the better. Also, something within you changes. You might have

Perfect pictorial representation of the start of my vegan Journey.

Perfect pictorial representation of the start of my vegan Journey.

done it willingly or forcefully, but there you are, taking the first steps. Hoping this new journey will bear fruits or bring about change, the good kind.

The first day you go vegetarian, in the same way that I did, you might hate life instantly. There were so many changes going on in my life and diet was going to be one of them. With the help of Margaret, a dear friend who is also a certified nutritionist, I began the experiment. To improve my diet and health.

My diet recommendation had so many restrictions that my heart sank when I got to the end of the document. Margaret has a great sense of humor and that encouraged me to carry on. Really. Of course she cut out all my favorite things, including ice cream and pizza. No fried foods, processed foods including sugar, animal products including eggs and milk. Even white meat, because animal product!!!!

Determined, I wanted to do it regardless, because to me, at that time it was a matter of life and death. Sort of. I was operating from a point of fear. I had to relearn everything from preparing foods to pairing them. It was close to being dropped in mars and you have to figure out what to eat.

Most of the foods I had to incorporate in my diet had to be whole foods and mostly those that grow beneath the soil. I had to take things like; potatoes (thank heavens), sweet potatoes, arrow roots (cries), legumes, vegetables, oats, and such. My meals were supposed to be freshly prepared so I spent a good chunk of my time in the kitchen.

A few weeks in, it began depressing me. Cravings came at me full swing. Sometimes I would be so exhausted to prepare a meal, so I’d just make whatever, however so that I don’t starve to death in my sleep. I love to eat, but at this point, meal times felt like chores.

That’s when you crave every single kind of junk food. In bulk. You no longer want a piece of cake but a whole cake. What are scoops of ice cream? You want to finish a whole 4 liter tub, in one sitting because that is how temptations work. More like asking for a box full of crisps with ketchup and four Pizzas with extra toppings, thank you very much. As if that cheese will redeem my mood as it melts and graces the walls of my esophagus.

There are a series of things that followed after this that I would love to share with you in the coming weeks. I would like to share my experiences and how I have maneuvered the whole thing. I will also answer your questions and give tips that were handed down, researched or I discovered along the way.

This is part of my 30 days blogging challenge that I have started 18 days late, because what is life balance? Procrastination and excuses too? Time management? Who has this thing figured out?

For now, here is to figuring other things out.

Love and light.

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