The enemy called distraction.

Being a scatter brain is something that creeps up on me every once in a while or all the time in a particular season. I have just finished watching a Webinar by The six figure chick. I really love learning from experienced people in the fields I am interested in. It might have taken much longer than I expected because I kept pausing to take notes or check on something that just popped into my head.

giphy-downsized (1)

One pause would be to write something down about an idea then I have to “research” a little about the topic, next thing I know I have a notification from Instagram or whatsapp and then an hour later I am on snapchat reading articles on MTV. Am I the only one that loves the snapchat articles? They have a different feel, it’s just attractive.

See what happened up there in that paragraph? It is unwelcome albeit related distraction. If I didn’t reel it back in, I could be speaking about mammoth and sloth filters. All these bring me down to one word. Distraction. Ladies and gentlemen, that is the enemy of progress for any creative on this planet for sure.

This is not something I am proud of. At all. I have to admit it has cost me a great deal, but this is not to be confused with creating a scapegoat. My mind wanders all the time: sometimes to productive things and half the time to unproductive things.

Well, you know how that goes. I do not finish my expected “actual work” on time, so there is a last minute rush to do things then I feel overwhelmed which leads to under-performing or no delivery at all. In the end, I feel disappointed in myself, for not doing something to the best of my ability, because perfectionist here.

Trying to escape distraction like..

Trying to escape distraction like..

This becomes a repeated cycle over and over again until I “call myself for a meeting” and just give myself tough love pointing out the realities. I know a couple of creatives who will relate with this 100%. Distraction will always loom by and those notifications and researches can all wait. Seriously. You and I know better. Put the phone down and do one thing that is useful.

Like I did this article, in a record 18 minutes. I guess I can do this more often. In hindsight, this article is a note to myself and I know some of us will relate. I hope it does. Quick one, if you get easily distracted, what do you do, how do you keep your focus and stay productive? Please share. We are all trying to live the best life.

5 thoughts on “The enemy called distraction.

  1. My mind wanders even in church 😭 But I do agree that phone distraction is the worst, it’s like a disease! I hope to not be distracted by it as much in 2018. Great post love😙


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