Things I like.

Perhaps I should be writing before I eat because today’s post has been a real struggle I cannot lie. I made matoke after such a long time and they were so good (to my standards). Every time I took the plate to the kitchen I would add a little onto the plate just to remind myself that I can put together a delicacy and my future husband doesn’t have to eat solid soot for the rest of his life.

Basically now I am still full and all I want to do is lounge. However, I really want to carry on with this challenge because I know how it feels to get to the finish line. Today I get to talk about some of the things I love. The list is so long but I will only mention four today.

  1. Books: If this is not obvious already (from my previous blogposts and social media) then I must be doing a pretty decent job of keeping my life under wraps. I was introduced to books at a very early age by my father and I grew to love literature. Actually, the items on my priority list currently include a book shelf and a nook seat. If only I could get someone to run my life as I read books by the window snacking and sipping on a chilled drink.


  1. Good food: I bet we all do but if there was a ranking I could be up there with the rest of them (I don’t know who these people are). I am my happiest after eating and when I am looking forward to a meal. I am even looking on how to incorporate my job to free food offers. I am not even kidding. There is a time I was helping my friend Crista, owner of Bright Black, organize a wedding. There was a whole week where there was a sumptuous array of three course meals from different cuisines. I have never been that happy about vegetarian dishes. I used to love pizza and chocolate a lot but I am trying to control my cravings. I however cannot list all the foods I like here. This would be a book.


  1. Quality time: With family and or friends. I often end up feeling rejuvenated afterwards even though part of me never wants to leave to go home. It must be the presence of authentic love and genuine exchange of experiences that cannot be traded for anything. By this I also mean when someone is genuinely lending a listening ear without wanting to turn the situation about themselves.



  1. Baby talk: I love when babies start to speak and they cannot articulate most words properly. My heart melts listening to them ask for things, try communicate and imitate what they know. For this reason I am always calling to speak to my 1.5 year old nephew and I am the one that reminds my older nephews and nieces what they used to say when they were little.

There are a number of other things I still like but that’s all for now.





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