Den of mediocrity.

Customer service in Kenya, and Africa as a whole (from what I hear) is something that needs work. I have had quite the experience with different people in different places and occasions that I might have wanted to address independently. However, if I do choose to go that route we might have a dedicated segment for complaining about bad service. And nobody wants to hear another bad vibe on these streets.

It is the guards at the entrance to premises, tellers at supermarkets, customer service attendants on phone, but people behind counters are the worst. I used to give feedback if I am not pleased by a service but other people have such bad attitude they think you are picking a fight.

Typical Kenyan customer service agent element.

Typical Kenyan customer service agent element.

Is it that as citizens we are used to taking shit and being okay with it or are we settling for less? We cannot keep saying “that’s how these people are.” Who are they and why should they be excused when there are others who take time to serve customers patiently, with respect? All the nasty encounters I have had with either under trained people, those that don’t love their jobs or think they are doing the customer a favor by serving them with respect is proof enough that the service industry needs work.

Some tellers are rude I would rather be served by a machine. For that, I am glad technology is replacing these people in tens. Have you ever been on a queue for hours then when you are next in line the person serving you says they are going for lunch. For an hour! There are things called shifts. Honestly unless you are doing someone a favor and they are not paying for it, you are not allowed to frustrate anyone. I also understand the need and entitlement for a bio break and all, if you must, the people you are serving deserve a heads up.

Being okay with mediocrity is the reason there is rot in and out of our society. I don’t get how there are no fire fighters to put off a fire. I mean you only have one job. It’s crazy how these leaders are elected to office to “serve” us. Basically, they are supposed to be working for us, with the hefty taxes we have to part with to take care of very basic things like pay public service workers. But we end up begging for help.

It is like having someone work for you, but you have to beg them to do something that you are paying them do. On top of that these people are stealing from you, you know they are stealing but you are either turning a blind eye, or too afraid to call them out. I mean, what a paradox and a den of mediocrity this is.


3 thoughts on “Den of mediocrity.

  1. Aki walai this is so true, yesterday I was forced to wait for a teller in a certain bank just because she’s the only one who could serve me, alafu she comes back very unapologetic saying ‘nimetoka choo’ and I was like ‘wow, for thirty minutes? ‘ and she bluntly said yes and went ahead to ask if I had a problem with her going to the lavatories!! She’s lucky I wasn’t feeling petty otherwise…


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