The generation that is “too quick to quit.”

Generation Y (going forward) is known for its “quick to quit” type of attitude. The jobs, personal dreams, relationships, fast fashion, trends, anything really. Who will do the fixing when it is a dirty job to begin with? We do not want to do the hard work of fixing anything, even clothes. One button drops and that shirt is on its way out.

I was shocked that some lady I spoke to a while back did not know how to sew. So I asked if she at least knew how to put the thread through the needle hole for the benefit of the parable of the camel from the bible.

“I don’t,” she confirmed.

I could tell that answer came with the undertones of “why should I?”

I went to boarding school quite early in my life and it was survival for the fittest, no one takes care of anyone. It is just a bunch of children hurdled together and left in the mercy of ruthless boarding masters. Whatever happens to you, fix yourself. Nobody cares. You will not die. Tears in our tunics were not tolerated. I also enjoyed the sewing a little I have to admit. In high school before choosing subjects I did a little of the Home Science because it kind of came naturally having been brought up in my mother’s household.

It is probably for the same reason we sing along to Cardi’s Bodak Yellow with such enthusiasm, when she says “and I’m quick to cut a n***a off, don’t get comfortable.” Ask anyone who is familiar with that song and they won’t miss that line. Nonetheless, that line can have two interpretations. One, “there are very many options that we can let anything go and have another in a minutes and I can never spend time fixing this” or two, “don’t play no games when you are dealing with me, I can smell shady from miles away.”

In the same breath, there is the contradiction of staying at a job too long being equated to lacking ambition to grow and leaving too soon being equated to impatience. Sometimes when you know, you know but there are also those of us that leave to find ourselves, then we become comfortable in the world of finding. Where there are no commitments to bind you to something. And we wait for too long. Then we become frustrated. Not at the job, but at ourselves.

In our defense, with so many self-help books available, a myriad of podcasts and YouTube videos, it is easy to be confused. One thing I have learnt is that if you tune out the noise, listen to your heart and follow it, (with the help of God) there is going to be a brighter day and lesser confusion. That is just me and my share of observation. This is not advice by the way but if you do find it like one then by all means use it.

What about you? Are there any ways you have handled frustration or confusion? Perhaps oversaturation of the self-help information? Something that has worked for you? Share with the rest of us. We would love to hear your perspective.

4 thoughts on “The generation that is “too quick to quit.”

  1. Good read Tracy. Most of us today quit at the first sniff of an obstacle, then try to make ourselves feel better with, “If it doesn’t make you happy, quit.” 😒😒


  2. Living in this generation is too hard sometimes! One minute you think you got it, the next you want to try something new. Sigh. Also interested on the podcasts, recommend some good ones.


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