Travel Guide: 7 essential travel tips you must to grasp.

You can google travel tips all you can before going on a trip but some things will not make sense until you are physically on the ground. Experiencing the very things, you very much ignored. It is important to take all the advice you can from google and those that are well traveled.
Assuming you have already confirmed your trip, here are 7 tips I found useful and would like to insist on:


Look everything up. No research is ever enough.

  1. Research and prepare an itinerary: this will help you have the rough idea of what exactly it is that you are going for, what to expect and what you can achieve. After settling on places, plan an itinerary for the sake of order. It will allow you to save up on time and you’ll do what matters most first before deviating. Even if your time will be short, you would have achieved your main goals.
  2. Set aside time to roam; by yourself, in a pair or in a smaller group. This is for your own satisfaction. A larger group will not always have the same sentiments about every other detour. I love being on my own and I would highly recommend this. If you find yourself alone and the neighborhood is safe, don’t be afraid to go explore by yourself. Roaming in the D.C streets (I was looking for food)😄
  3. Live in the moment: prepare yourself to be aware of your surroundings appreciate it and be thankful for the moment. Not everything will go your way regardless of your stellar planning, but at least you are at your dream destination and that is a good thing to focus on. Don’t stress on the could haves and should haves. Just live.
  1. Document your trip: these are places you have dreamt of going to and cameras have been made for a reason. Take a few minutes to take pictures and videos for keeps sakes or sharing. The memories can bring you joy when you feel low or spark an inspiration. Ensure you have a good camera or a phone with a good camera.

  1. Inform your bank: in good time to allow your transactions to go through. You can’t look cool when your card is declined. It is embarrassing even if you don’t care what other people think. Or you could travel with cash. Whatever works for you.
  2. Get yourself a physical map: you would rather look like a tourist than be lost. An elaborate physical map is better because you will not run out of battery neither does it need Wi-Fi or data to operate.
  1. Ask: Directions, price, for bargains or whatever really. Just ask. If you do not know something, ask. You will be surprised how many people are willing to help you. Who knows, you could as well make a friend for keeps.

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