Travel Guide: 6 travel hacks for a packed itinerary.

When I first saw the itinerary for my trip to New York and Washington, I thought, is this everything really? Is this all? Are you serious this is all I am paying for? I took it upon myself to look for other places to visit once I was done with my daily plan and listed them. My plan was to finish all those things in fewer than four hours and go roaming.

Well, that was until I arrived and started the actual trip.

The reality is, you wake up, prepare to leave but by the time you are done with the first spot, it is midday. Because you want to take pictures on different beautiful spots, listen in on a commentator, read up the information at the historic sites, take in the moment as it is. Generally, if you are there for more than just fronting, you are going to take a while to absorb a little bit of everything.

All that movement makes you forget usual but essential things like eating or hydrating. Next thing you know, you are gloomy because you are hungry or thirsty but there is no time to buy a snack or eat, no one wants to go to a restaurant and sit for a meal wasting precious hours to go sight-seeing or everything is bloody expensive. From this, I learnt a few hacks that helped me out. Good thing is that these hacks apply across including one-day trips that have a packed itinerary.

  1. Carry snacks: A fruit, groundnuts, a protein bar, juice, yoghurt, anything that you often snack on a regular day. This should be something that is filling enough for you to hold onto the day until you can get an actual meal. Good thing is that you can actually go a while without eating because your mind is occupied with doing other things.


  1. Always have water: because of its many benefits including replenishing energy to help maximize physical performance which includes a lot of walking and standing here, then this will help you to keep going during the day. Sometimes when you feel hungry, it is the body telling you that you are thirsty. Taking water helps you to avoid snacking unnecessarily.



  1. Pack moisturizer: during travel, you are likely to be exposed to a lot more direct sunlight than usual and harsh/foreign winds that could make your skin feel dry and even look ashy. It is important to have moisturizer with you all the time. On day 1, I had not unpacked all my stuff so I forgot to carry my moisturizer and boy every time I washed my hands after using the bathroom I had a bag of regrets. I don’t remember a day I wished I had arimis more than I did that day. For the rest of the trip I always had my moisturizer and Arimis. I actually ended up being the reliable supplier of Arimis during the trip. Haha.


  1. Get moving: don’t sit to bask, you will laze around when you go back to your home country/town!! Maximize your time there, go everywhere, see everything. You cannot afford to regret at the end of your trip. (ati you didn’t see this or that, rolls eyes into another dimension!) Don’t take time to be on your phone scrolling through social media, you will have time after your trip to catch up! Unless you really need to communicate.


P.S You should hydrate and moisturize twice as much when you are travelling due to being exposed to different environment than what you are used to.

  1. Have money on you: Cards decline all the time when you are in a foreign land for one reason or the other. Ensure that you have a little something on you in case you really have to get something or even take a cab to meet the rest of the crew.


  1. Stay with the rest of the pack unless you know your way around: the end. It is not funny finding yourself on your own especially if you did not intend to. You don’t know whether to just head to the airport and go back home or look for your country’s embassy for help. Some places could be dangerous to be by yourself as a foreigner.

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