Places to visit in Washington D.C

Standing before The U.S Capitol.

Standing before The U.S Capitol.

Touring, for me, means you go to museums, archives and all that stuff you find “boring” on a regular day, at least if you are from Kenya. I know a number of people who are born and raised in Kenya but not visited the museums here. Due to lack of interest, mostly. It is a culture that has not been cultivated. I haven’t gone to all of the places in Kenya myself so I am not going to side eye y’all.

However, this is not about places to visit in Kenya. I was surprised by the number of people getting into and leaving museums in D.C. and New York. Sometimes it was even too packed. I did not get to speak to a native and find out if the locals go to museums that often. I also hear it is a culture for students to make visits to museums and other historic sites in their area which is a good thing for the sake of staying knowledgeable.

If you are visiting from another country or even state, I would highly recommend the following places in no particular order:

  1. National Mall: Not to be confused with a kabuilding somewhere near the highway. I suppose it is the fact that they have everything in one area that influenced the name. There are a number of places within the same area. You could actually make one place your destination from your hotel then make your way around. The national Mall comprises of Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Reflecting pool, Vietnam veterans’ memorial and World War 2 Memorial. I think there is more but those are the ones that I had more interest in.
  1. Capitol Hill: For me, being here meant that I got to take pictures. Yeah. Nothing more. Significance being all the T.V series and movies that I have watched with the establishing shot of this place. White house down, Scandal, and all. It was a little cold than usual which meant there were fewer people around, which I liked but we did not have good lighting for the pictures but, yeah.
  1. White house: I wish I visited this place when Obama was still in office. I would have had more connection maybe.
  1. National Museum of African American History and culture: This place is hard to get into. Bruh! You have to get tickets to get in. That is a month earlier, but they have few tickets for later days and those tickets are released at 6 a.m. by 6:05 they are gone!! I don’t remember how many times I desperately tried to get them but I could not. So plan ahead, be smart.
  1. National portrait Gallery: See, the thing is, I did not get to visit this one but this is where Obama’s and Michelle’s portrait hang earlier on this year. I particularly loved Obama’s portrait by Kehinde Wiley and I was really looking forward to seeing it. Having their portraits there represented progress for me and acknowledged power even after he had left office.
  1. Newseum: Journalist or not, this one is a must see. It provides insight into how much news and information penetrated the repressive society and set its people free. One of the most focal points in the Museum, is the part of the actual inviolate Berlin Wall and the Berlin guard tower in a secluded gallery.
  1. Madame Tussauds: this is a wax museum where you have wax figures of famous people from different fields. I got to play fantasy by taking pictures with figures of notable members of society.

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