Start Somewhere.

Where did the time go? The first half of 2018 is gone. There are a number of us who have just looked up from doing nothing but being busy. We cannot account for the time for shit! It has been one big blur of a boring routine.

Start somewhere

A month from now, you would be glad you did.

Life is made up of challenge after another. For some people, including myself, when there is lack of, life becomes boring, bland, stressful even. Things you used to enjoy become habitual: you don’t exactly look forward to it anymore because you are busy getting through it. Then you get off the path to look for something challenging. Maybe for the sake of finding yourself or pursuing something else you love.

Unfortunately, you realize it is not as easy as you thought it would be. You carry through anyway. It gets harder. You quit. You find comfort in something “exciting” like drugs. Or whatever your drug is. Chilling at home watching series and movies, day in day out. Partying. Being seen with the cool kids going to the new expensive places. Using money, you don’t have to impress people you don’t know.

Another drug is settling. Complacency. Being too comfortable. Doing the same thing every waking day. Waiting for Friday, dreading Monday. Being paid peanuts. Wasting all of it on the weekend living the life you wish you were living, going into debt. Going through a cycle you very much hate. Wasting all that potential, dreams, hopes, you have thought to be within your reach.


Now is better than later.

At a gathering today, I found out that a friend I grew up with, is contentedly wasting his life away. Drinking cheap illicit liquor, doing nothing and making zilch of himself. Knowing him back then, I was certain this was going to be some relevant chap later on in life. I saw that. Maybe he did too. But he never wants to admit it or he doesn’t care.

Most of us never want to be seen starting at the bottom, but that is where it all starts. Every good thing is built from the bottom. One way or another. If you fuck up your “could-have-been-good” life, you have to get off your now malnourished high horse and fix that. You can receive handouts and all but for how long? Handouts are never enough. You have to earn something, pay your dues. It is how it is.

It is best that you start today. Start somewhere. Especially at the bottom. Because if you do not, one day you will look up and it has been years and shit is out of control. Be true to who you are. Other people will always say whatever, both when you are winning and when you are struggling. Make it your decision to do something about it, take control of your situation and start somewhere. Today.


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