Rusty and owning it!

While “you rest, you rust” is true but a cliche, too much of work without a rest can drive you to the ground. I may have been off here for a while but I was never on a break. Quite frankly, I do not remember the last time I went on an actual break. You know what that has done to me? Burnt me out!!

The intention of having this post up is not to vent or anything like that. It is to help me start cleaning off the rust off my expertise. I have been writing for everyone but myself. Term papers, articles, transcriptions (tweets and captions included) but none of those ever materialized to an actual blog post as my intention would have been.

Speaking of which, I have a good number of drafts on here that I cannot figure out what I was saying in them when I started putting them together.  I will go over them one more time to figure that out as I trash most of them because I am  trying to declutter all of my spaces as I seek motivation and create space for better.

As a result, I feel so rusty I doubt my sentences and subject verb agreement. The other day I caught a typo too late and I didn’t even feel bad about it. This is how far deep we have gone to the dogs. The main reason as to why I have not been writing anything here is that I wanted to wait for inspiration. Tell me I am not the only creative who finds themselves in a space that they cannot create for some reason.  Since he (inspiration) isn’t coming and I am getting impatient, I am going to start on free writing.

Giving gender to nouns helps with developing character, which you probably don’t care but I felt the need to explain. Most men fail to keep their end of promises than women do. That is how I ended up with that. Come argue in the comment section. Moving on, free writing is my creative version of moving on. He will find me if he ever comes. If he doesn’t, we will have routine which is better than not creating. I have dealt these creative frustrations for a minute and I know I am not alone, so here we are.

If you would like to join me on this one, comment down below so I can welcome you to my community and we could keep each other accountable, innit? Or you could be the audience. Whatever works. Whatever form of  work you are in, if you could relate, here is to being rusty and owning it.

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