Free-flow or something like that.

Sometimes I wish I could write in my mother-tongue because that’s where the joke is. The jokes in my language will give you good belly laughs. If I translate them then they lose meaning. One thing I do not like in life is explaining a joke. I could genuinely start from explaining then get tired of it and change the subject. Unapologetically.

Is unapologetically not  an English word? Why does this auto-correct  want to rule my life?

Have you ever tried explaining to a third party an inside joke? Suddenly I have to start giving you my life history and I am exhausted before I even start. So next time you hear me laugh and it’s an inside joke in my language please don’t ask me to share the joke. And I am not talking about you.

That’s one of the reasons why I kinda want a husband who speaks my language. We can tackle the characteristics of men from my area another time. At the same time I want someone who doesn’t understand it so I can gossip with my sisters on phone for hours. But gossiping is such a hideous thing when you’re in a relationship. It will always be “who are you talking to?” Why do y’all talk for hours?

Whose that Hurricane you kept referencing to?

It’s kinda normal when people are hysterically laughing about something in their language that you’d think it could be about you. Problems I don’t want to start.

But we are girls and we love to gossip.

Quick question.

Why is it that when I’m here in the city and I speak to my fellow tribesmen, I speak really well? Wait until I am speaking to my grandmother then words trip over each other and others scatter and suddenly I can’t put two correct sentences together. Leave that alone. I don’t think I can read text in it without sounding like a three year old learning to read. What happens there?

But everything is practice.

My language is fun especially when you have a friend who greets you with insults. I have a friend who insults me the entire time we are on a call and for the better part of it, I’ll be dying from laughter. If the floor in public was clean I’d be rolling on the floor laughing. I lie, when I insert laugh-cry emojis because most of the times I’m not even chuckling. Heck! I’m not even impressed.

I have this thing where I mimic memes, GIF’s or emojis when I react to things. I started slapping my knee when I laugh. I never used to do that. Or I never noticed it. Until people started saying slaps knee on twitter. I also do some really weird expressions thanks to memes. So if mid conversation I make faces, find the meme!!!

The moral of this is that I am genuinely stuck in my head. I have so much to say but I can’t find the chronology. Or think something out to the end.

More reason why I’m trying free writing. Because if this is what we are meant to do for the rest of time then I am here, shaking it up. With this very random post I am drafting at half past midnight.

Because I can’t sleep.

Even after drafting these sloppy sentences I still cannot find a drift and I’m not sleepy. Mtu aniwekee mafirifiri kwa masho.

Anyhu, I am doing this November blog thing with friends. There is Laura, Immaculate and Margaret. We are trying to find our writing mojo. I have tried this so many times. I hope I will ride this challenge to the end.

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