Work & Play series E.P 1

Tracy Gesare



This is my very first fashion post. Clapsย  I have to admit, I have been a little skeptic about really going into this. I sorta want to see how this goes but at the same time Continue reading “Work & Play series E.P 1”

New Beginnings

Mornings mean new beginnings to me. Even better, new weeks, months and obviously the years. Somebarry say Continue reading “New Beginnings”

Of Affliction and Thanksgiving.

Father and daughter.

A month or less shy of my birthday in 2015, a Saturday morning, could have been Valentineโ€™s Day or some day around then. Continue reading “Of Affliction and Thanksgiving.”

8 of the most unlikely piercings to ever exist

As if the openings you were born with are not enough some of us have made it a mission to punch holes in a little more than usual in the most unlikely of places. Continue reading “8 of the most unlikely piercings to ever exist”

No Ceilings.

Comedian Eric Omondi cracking Jimmy's ribs.
Comedian Eric Omondi cracking Jimmy’s ribs.

Seeing Eric Omondi in the same space as Jimmy Fallon telling jokes reminds me of the day Lupita won the Oscars. I do not understand how Continue reading “No Ceilings.”

Games people play.

A broken heart heals. Carry on.
A broken heart heals regardless. Carry on.

As the month of love comes to a close and the Monday evening of the months comes to an end, Continue reading “Games people play.”

8 Things you need to know before getting a tattoo.

Tattoos have been one of the oldest body art and still going strong. Having to live with a deliberate (or not) decision needs all the advice one can get before imprinting something that will be with you for life. I do not have a tattoo, yet, but there are obnoxious versions of ink that make me feel sorry for the bearer.

Intricate tattoos with cryptic meaning from Blindspot, an American TV series.
Intricate tattoos with cryptic meaning from Blindspot, an American TV series.
  1. Think it through: think long and hard if that is what you want to carry for the rest of your life. As much as there are temporary tattoos and cover ups just think and donโ€™t stop thinking until you have agreed with yourself. Never leave a party intoxicated and head to the artist. That is not a hangover that will go away after hydration. This might begin to sound like a career decision but the truth is this is much more than that.

Continue reading “8 Things you need to know before getting a tattoo.”

Dear Obama

The man of the moment and the seasons.


I am afraid this is not about anything political, development, war/peace or economy related, so no I won’t be philosophical. I am Continue reading “Dear Obama”

Dear Michelle


Dear Michelle,

Or should I go with โ€œHeeey Michelle?โ€ A belated Happy birthday to you first of all. The 5th floor sure does look great on you. Let me get right into it.ย I thought being 8521 miles away from your extended reign, you would not have that much impact in my life as an individual. Until the day Continue reading “Dear Michelle”

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