New Beginnings

Mornings mean new beginnings to me. Even better, new weeks, months and obviously the years. Somebarry say Continue reading


Are you the next Airtel Trace Music Star?


The second Season of the biggest Pan-African music competition is back and definitely bigger but it is also coming to a close. In a couple of hours. The second cycle has ten contesting countries Kenya, DRC, Gabon, Ghana,Madagascar, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, Niger and Zambia.

Taking up music as a career is challenging enough and breaking into any music industry is even harder. Some pull here and a shove there has helped people get out of their cocoon, while other people never make it past the church choir. Not like its a bad thing, I’m just saying.

Many talented people are shy. Even Beyonce is shy. Imagine that. So Airtel saw it fit to give each and every contestant star treatment by bringing the audition to you. No queues, no nerves, not even judges with blank faces that make you think you should stick to singing in the shower.

You have hours left to call in and audition for your chance to be the next big artiste. I know, you are probably asking why I am doing this now? Because I know there is someone too afraid to reach out and call. C’mon. What do you have to lose? Ok, if you don’t want or need the phone or money, just do it then give me the prizes. I will appreciate. Thanks.

Phy (Ng’etich) is proof that last minute does works. Serving her IG followers with heavenly renditions, she says “Murda (by Seyi Shay) Kinda reminds me of how I auditioned for Airtel Trace. I was seated at the same place and I used my guitar as well. I auditioned on the deadline day too, using my mum’s phone, so I figured there was no way I’d be chosen. But God has His mysterious ways because a month later during an exam period I got a call. It could be you!”

All you require is a phone and an airtel line. Dial 0900733733, call, sing, Win. The top 5 will be picked by the official judges, three musical geniuses Wyre, Atemi and Chris Adwar.

Prizes include an iPhone 6s (how I wish I could sing), KES 1.5M, and a chance to be mentored by Keri Hilson and record a song with her. If that is not incentive enough I do not know what is. See you on the winning side.

Taking Stock 3.

Making:  It clear to myself that I need to calm down because for some odd reason I am thrilled that it is my birthday but I just can’t contain myself. I am beyond ecstatic. Very high spirits.

Cooking: Considering it is morning, I am having my daily dose of morning coffee. Haven’t made anything yet for breakfast because I had made sweet potatoes so I might as well have that instead of bread, I am trying to incorporate more healthy meals in my diet.
Drinking: I just said I am taking coffee but I would have loved some fresh mango juice. I have to confess I am a mango addict. I can live on Mangoes alone for quite a number of days. I haven’t tried but I definitely should and know how exactly that will pan out.
Reading: Den of Inequities by Kinyanjui Kombani. Best Kenyan writer since Marjorie McGoye. The book takes you through the city; I can maneuver the streets with the flow of the story. That’s the good thing with reading about home, because you can see that highway and the pothole and the shacks and the mansions and can relate to the wait at the bus stop and the likes.
Wanting: Ribs for lunch. Already. And its only 9am. Or dinner but I really am craving ribs.
Playing:  Turning me on Keri Hilson ft Lil Wayne. The Keri Hilson playlist is on and I like the lost school vibe on Tracy Day.
Wasting: Nothing at all. Or I cannot notice what exactly it is that I might be wasting at the moment.
Wishing: I could have been exactly where I wanted to be today, but you know how we make plans and then God laughs. Yeah, not that I am complaining but also realizing God’s timing is the best and I am making progress anyway.
Enjoying: The quiet of the morning, it is so peaceful unlike the weekends when children are all over the place yelling and running around outside and there’s nothing you can do about it.
Liking: The scent of Crème6 oils. I know that’s a random one but it smells heavenly and feels really great on the skin. I hope they won’t stop producing them because I might have found the one.
Wondering: Why everyone else wants it to rain and all I want is for the sun to shine for the rest of time. Maybe if it rains only at night. I love the sunny weather.
Loving: Wena and Easy to love. Heavy K is a boss!! Bucie is just that lady too.
Hoping: that I can get a good tailor who can make me an actual bralet from Ankara. I am very much afraid of these tailor business because they make the first things perfectly and then do the second so shoddily you can’t even wear the damned thing.
Marvelling: At how much long it has been since I started blogging. 4years. A baby born at around the same time now goes to school with a fancy bag with a cartoon on the back. So cute in that little uniform and tiny shoes. 
Needing: to get a good barber, I have been singing the big chop song I think it is time we went bald.
Smelling: The Crème 6 oils scent and Amla hair lotion they actually smell the same, and look the same. I hope you are not thinking what I am thinking but I like it either way.
Wearing: A black dress.
Following: A healthy meal regime because it is better to eat healthy now than to have to cut down on things in the future.
Noticing: I am becoming better every day at working out. I have done almost 45 minutes of a number of exercises and I am feeling like I can build a skyscraper and dig a volcano. No more painful musclesJ
Knowing:  Better than to have expectations from people. You can only save yourself the others can be there or not, learn to stand alone but never try to lean solely on someone else.
Thinking: About how I need to change from blogger to WordPress. I hear you are having difficulties commenting. It is bound to happen sooner than later. I am working on it.
Feeling: Wonderful that today I check my stats and we are getting to 6k. Thank you for stopping by, you made me smile and it will be better if you share too. Thank you very much, I am counting on you.
Bookmarking: Brian Tracy and Robin Sharma websites, I have been getting some real good vibes from on there.
Opening: I should be opening gifts and what not but I guess that will be in the evening, yeah? Friends? Family? Ok.
Giggling: Laughing at Angela’s Jokes. This girl is so funny, if only our inside jokes could be commercialized we would be making it big in the industry but meanwhile I am sorry we have to keep the hysterical laughter to ourselves. ION my niece cant say Syokimau she says Kismayu, cracks me up every time where did she even get that?

Feeling: All sorts of happy because for the umpteenth time I am mentioning that it is my birthday, excuse my exhilaration but I can’t explain the source and it’s not like I want it to go away so let me enjoy it while it lasts.

World Wide Discoveries.

The internet is a vast world in its own existence. There is so much put up every second and a little of it taken down at the same time I presume. It doesn’t fill up any space (I’m thinking) but it exists. Tons and tons of peoples work, imagination, creations and folly all of it wrapped up in one. It is a wonderful thing I would say but it can also ruin your life. Case of a typical two sides of the coin.

A friend introduced me to an art and humanity page called Humans of New York and I have never looked back. They have a way of having people open up very little random things about themselves. Some are emotional, some are funny, but most have a thing or two you can learn from life in general. Tonight the articles that have touched me speak for themselves in their few words. 
“It’s hard for me to materialize things into form. I’m full of regrets, I’ve got poor self-esteem. Every time I start doing something, I get down on myself and quit. I wasn’t a leader when I was young, and I fell into all the wrong things. Eventually I got into doing drugs, then selling drugs, and I ended up going to prison.”
“How’d it all end?”
“I was one robbed one night, and learned who did it, so I decided to get back at the guy. I wasn’t really thinking at the time. I was high out of my head, we were listening to Metallica, smoking PCP, and all my friends were yelling at me to do something. So we found the guy and I slashed him with a box cutter and hit him with the shaft of a steering wheel. I went home and told my mother that if the cops come, to tell them I was home all night. Then I took off down Ditmars Boulevard, and after I drove a few miles, cop cars started coming at me from everywhere.”


“I’ve written so many stories and novellas that nobody will look at, plays that I can’t get produced, screenplays that will never be made. Everything is so branded these days in the art world, it’s so hard for an outsider to get work.”

“In what way would you consider yourself an ‘outsider?’”
“I’m interested in failure, so those are the themes that I like to explore. But we live in a society that celebrates triumphalism. A society wants art that reaffirms itself. We want to read about characters that win.” 
“What was your lowest moment as an artist?”
“I worked on a screenplay for two years, and it had just been turned down by the fifth theater in a month, and I remember walking down 5th avenue in the middle of winter, tossing the pages one by one into the slush, vowing never to do it again. It was just a few blocks from here, actually.”

That’s all folks and thank YOU for stopping by. You are amazing.