Free-flow or something like that.

Sometimes I wish I could write in my mother-tongue because that’s where the joke is. The jokes in my language will give you Continue reading


The illusion called time.

There is this notion people have that you need to have done something by a certain age and at a certain time in your life. Continue reading

Please, mind your language.

While I might not be the most cultured human I know, I value the very basic manners in formal settings. It ranks closely to Continue reading

Powering education in rural Kenya through the last mile.

We all have 24 hours in a day. How one makes use of this time to propel themselves towards excelling is reliant on the opportunities offered Continue reading

Rusty and owning it!

While β€œyou rest, you rust” is true but a cliche, too much of work without a rest can drive you to the ground. I may have been off here for a while but Continue reading

Start Somewhere.

Where did the time go? The first half of 2018 is gone. There are a number of us who have just looked up from doing nothing but being busy. We cannot account for Continue reading

Places to visit in Washington D.C

Standing before The U.S Capitol.

Standing before The U.S Capitol.

Touring, for me, means you go to museums, archives and all that stuff you find β€œboring” on a regular day, at least if you are from Kenya. I know a number of people who are born and raised in Kenya but not visited Continue reading