Travel Guide: 5 things you need to know while exploring New York.

I never used to relate to those travel quotes as much as I do now, but I guess that is the thing with life. It has to be something you understand even better through experience to vibrate Continue reading


No Ceilings.

Comedian Eric Omondi cracking Jimmy's ribs.

Comedian Eric Omondi cracking Jimmy’s ribs.

Seeing Eric Omondi in the same space as Jimmy Fallon telling jokes reminds me of the day Lupita won the Oscars. I do not understand how Continue reading

Let The Fashion Party begin.

FAFA X Maybelline Fashion Party

FAFA X Maybelline Fashion Party

FAFA has teamed up with Maybelline New York- Kenya and 4th Street wine to bring Nairobi a Quarterly Fashion Party. The Debut of the show dubbed “The Fashion Party” takes place on the 27th of June (tomorrow; in case you have a tendency of losing track of time) at the Ebony Lounge on Museum Hill, Westlands.

It is set to be a fun experience as it is the first of its kind. The first hours of the eFAFA-AND-MAYBELLINE-FASHION-PARTY.-2vening will have interactive activity. There will be a chill-out fashion lounge hosted by What’s Good LIVE, featuring top 6AM DJs playing the best of the beats, Live Streaming from the What’s Good LIVE Red Carpet. There will bea dedicated 4th Street Wine bar and a showcase of a range of designer styles including: shoes, handbags, jewelry as well as a Maybelline pop-up shop with instant make-overs and a live fashion photo shoot by Emmanuel Jambo.

The Maybelline “Maybe it’s You” Campaign winner will be announced at the event as well marking the end of the Face Of Maybelline Search. The top ten finalists were picked a month ago and put through training under City Models Africa Casting Agency where they were taken through a mini-model boot camp. This was to equip them with different modeling skills such as identifying their walk styles and helping them find their identity to make them more discoverable as they are fresh faces to the modeling fraternity.

The Brand Manager Maybelline Kenya, Abigail Akatsa said “Our girls have to look, live and breathe fashion 24/7. With international brand ambassador like Jourdan Dunn, it is essential that the Face of Maybelline Kenya New York can hold her own amongst fashion models. Having a fashion icon like Ajuma train our girls, will build their confidence and give them a head start.”

The top ten finalists will have a chance to strut the runway dressed by the 6 young designers’ outfits for the fashion show. FAFA came to be during the 2008 Post election violence aiming to bridge cultures through fashion, art and music. The FAFA Fashion Party event looks to reach out to the younger fashionable generation seeking for great buys at pocket friendly prices.

World Wide Discoveries.

The internet is a vast world in its own existence. There is so much put up every second and a little of it taken down at the same time I presume. It doesn’t fill up any space (I’m thinking) but it exists. Tons and tons of peoples work, imagination, creations and folly all of it wrapped up in one. It is a wonderful thing I would say but it can also ruin your life. Case of a typical two sides of the coin.

A friend introduced me to an art and humanity page called Humans of New York and I have never looked back. They have a way of having people open up very little random things about themselves. Some are emotional, some are funny, but most have a thing or two you can learn from life in general. Tonight the articles that have touched me speak for themselves in their few words. 
“It’s hard for me to materialize things into form. I’m full of regrets, I’ve got poor self-esteem. Every time I start doing something, I get down on myself and quit. I wasn’t a leader when I was young, and I fell into all the wrong things. Eventually I got into doing drugs, then selling drugs, and I ended up going to prison.”
“How’d it all end?”
“I was one robbed one night, and learned who did it, so I decided to get back at the guy. I wasn’t really thinking at the time. I was high out of my head, we were listening to Metallica, smoking PCP, and all my friends were yelling at me to do something. So we found the guy and I slashed him with a box cutter and hit him with the shaft of a steering wheel. I went home and told my mother that if the cops come, to tell them I was home all night. Then I took off down Ditmars Boulevard, and after I drove a few miles, cop cars started coming at me from everywhere.”


“I’ve written so many stories and novellas that nobody will look at, plays that I can’t get produced, screenplays that will never be made. Everything is so branded these days in the art world, it’s so hard for an outsider to get work.”

“In what way would you consider yourself an ‘outsider?’”
“I’m interested in failure, so those are the themes that I like to explore. But we live in a society that celebrates triumphalism. A society wants art that reaffirms itself. We want to read about characters that win.” 
“What was your lowest moment as an artist?”
“I worked on a screenplay for two years, and it had just been turned down by the fifth theater in a month, and I remember walking down 5th avenue in the middle of winter, tossing the pages one by one into the slush, vowing never to do it again. It was just a few blocks from here, actually.”

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