No Ceilings.

Comedian Eric Omondi cracking Jimmy's ribs.
Comedian Eric Omondi cracking Jimmy’s ribs.

Seeing Eric Omondi in the same space as Jimmy Fallon telling jokes reminds me of the day Lupita won the Oscars. I do not understand how Continue reading “No Ceilings.”

Are you the next Airtel Trace Music Star?


The second Season of the biggest Pan-African music competition is back and definitely bigger but it is also coming to a close. In a couple of hours. The second cycle has ten contesting countries Kenya, DRC, Gabon, Ghana,Madagascar, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, Niger and Zambia.

Taking up music as a career is challenging enough and breaking into any music industry is even harder. Some pull here and a shove there has helped people get out of their cocoon, while other people never make it past the church choir. Not like its a bad thing, I’m just saying.

Many talented people are shy. Even Beyonce is shy. Imagine that. So Airtel saw it fit to give each and every contestant star treatment by bringing the audition to you. No queues, no nerves, not even judges with blank faces that make you think you should stick to singing in the shower.

You have hours left to call in and audition for your chance to be the next big artiste. I know, you are probably asking why I am doing this now? Because I know there is someone too afraid to reach out and call. C’mon. What do you have to lose? Ok, if you don’t want or need the phone or money, just do it then give me the prizes. I will appreciate. Thanks.

Phy (Ng’etich) is proof that last minute does works. Serving her IG followers with heavenly renditions, she says “Murda (by Seyi Shay) Kinda reminds me of how I auditioned for Airtel Trace. I was seated at the same place and I used my guitar as well. I auditioned on the deadline day too, using my mum’s phone, so I figured there was no way I’d be chosen. But God has His mysterious ways because a month later during an exam period I got a call. It could be you!”

All you require is a phone and an airtel line. Dial 0900733733, call, sing, Win. The top 5 will be picked by the official judges, three musical geniuses Wyre, Atemi and Chris Adwar.

Prizes include an iPhone 6s (how I wish I could sing), KES 1.5M, and a chance to be mentored by Keri Hilson and record a song with her. If that is not incentive enough I do not know what is. See you on the winning side.

Taking Stock 4


Making: Notes on Time management from all the reliable sources on YouTube and whatever else I can trust. Beyoncé has the same hours I do, there’s something I must be doing wrong.

Cooking: Errrm, to be honest I haven’t cooked in a few days. I am not starving, I have been eating out a lot lately. I had lots to do today so I just fixed myself a sandwich although I had intended to make Chapati’s. (Back to time Management)

Drinking: Coffee. With my sandwich. I am trying to stop being a caffeine dependent but I don’t like the alternatives like Soya. I took that in high school I don’t even want to think about it.

Reading: Mostly course texts but I am on Outliers Malcolm Gladwell. I might be reading it for the rest of my life. Cue for, don’t borrow. The basic rule to success I have learnt so far is the 10000 hour rule. That’s why you are about to see some changes. Especially here.

Wanting:  To go back-packing and explore.

Playing:  For the better part of the day I have been listening to In2 by WSTRN on replay alternating with Cake by the Ocean by DNCE. I love In2 the remix only because Chip decided to make a comeback on it. 😛

Wasting: Nothing at all. Or I cannot notice what exactly it is that I might be wasting at the moment. Or maybe I am and I just don’t know. Like someone having a problem and not noticing, well. Maybe I am not wasting anything at all. Information. I have way too many drafts that I do not know when I will ever publish. Some information might be obsolete by the time I figure how to put it together but we shall see.

Sewing: There are a few buttons that have fallen off a few of my fabrics, after folding my laundry I tried finding my only remaining needle but I couldn’t find it. I went to a nearby mall and the whole maaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllll doesn’t have a sewing kit? Ok, I only went to the supermarket. I’m yet to fix the buttons.

Wishing: Nothing specific really but a home cooked meal would be good. Do you guys ever crave a home cooked meal prepared by someone else for a change? I just might crash at yours if you are a throw down bigwig 😀

Enjoying: Rihanna’s new album ANTI. Although I would like to know Anti what? Bullshit? Antichrist? Antifeelings? I particularly love “love on the brain” and “Consideration”. I have heard work too many times I just want to let it rest and see if I might go back to liking it.

Liking: How my stubbornness has saved me from headache.

Wondering: Why my windows 10 is being such a prick. We are not on abacus I should be able to have a million tabs open and still work fine!!! Dammit!!!

Loving: Jungle green jackets, somebody say obsessed.

Hoping: That I could really get to be good at managing my time fairly, I could use some sanity. Pressure has never been good for anyone.

Marvelling: At how many people were anticipating Leonardo DiCarprio’s win at the Oscars. It had been a long time coming. 22 years bruv!!! Lesson learnt: Keep doing it, patience pays.

Needing: A clone.

Smelling: Thann aromatic wood hand lotion, smells like therapy.

Wearing: Blue Jeggings and white Sauti sol Vest.

Following: A number of people on snapchat. Miss Kihoro is hilarious. Her Meru accent will floor you. Before you join, please know it can waste your time and make you vain.

Noticing: That this is my fourth #TakingStock. What a waste of information, right? A lot has been going on in my life I could’ve documented it. It has been a freaking whole year!!

Knowing:  I don’t know anything. Hahaha, I have nothing figured out. This is where is use the excuse that I took “stay foolish” a little too serious.

Feeling: Cues in Numb- August x B.O.B

Bookmarking: Lately I have been reading physical texts…… and by the way the Adele Dejak tags are superb bookmarks. Double win.

Opening: Nothing really. Wish I could unwrap the new month now that its 1st.

Laughing: at the conversations Kimmy, Chemu and I used to have. Tears. The kind of friends you spend 80% of your time laughing when you meet up.

Feeling: Great!! I have been able to have 5 posts on the blog in 2 days. Because yesterday was a leap year. And I felt extra productive.


The Start of Something Awesome.

All good things start on Thursday, like the weekend and the weekend and the weekend as well. Airtel knows this and launched their Future Shapers project on a Thursday, 6th August at the Kifaru Gardens in a very intimate and inviting set up. My e-invite read, “Airtel is inviting you to the start of something awesome! Be ready to have a great night!”  I should be forgiven for being curious because the suspense drew me in.

Airtel Future Shapers is a set of photo-journalistic features that profiles young, fresh and ambitious trendsetters in technology, the arts and culture in their personal and or business lives. It mainly centers on the young and dynamic talents such photographer Migwa Nthiga, fashion designer Katungulu Mwendwa, fashion trendsetters such as Sylvia Njoki, app developers like Jamlick Maina of Hisa Play among many more on their work and lessons that they share for those wishing to join their path.

The future shapers line-up
The future shapers line-up

Music being the universal language, has been given the bigger portion of this project, a segment dubbed “Airtel Jam Session” (AJS) that entirely focuses on the young and upcoming music talents. These are fun filmed sessions where artistes get to share their experiences in life and make it available online to be easily accessed by those that wish to learn from them.

True to their word, I had an excessively good time. We were treated to
live performances by the petite Phy Ng’etich, 1st runners up of Airtel Trace Music Stars and Winner of Maisha Superstar. Do not be deceived by her size, she has undeniably astounding vocals. There was also the new boys on the block “Amos and Josh” The Jam session acts of the night were S.O.C as the other acts and sessions will be unveiled as time goes by because they choose to maintain the element of surprise.

Amos and Josh
Amos & Josh on stage.


“The company has also worked with Kiu, and Dandora Music among many more on this project and will continuously develop more content and opportunities to showcase more growing and exciting young talent,” said Digital Brand Asset Manager, Muthoni Maingi.  She also further expounded on the criteria, “We chose people who we feel are a positive, vibrant and progressive reflection of individuals doing what they can to progress themselves but also at the same time to push society ahead in a better way in the arts, culture and technology space.”

“Future Shapers” is a counterpart project of “Airtel Hadithi” which was also launched a week earlier at Nailab. It is a platform offered to the young and creative to share their success stories with the rest of the world. Airtel’s main focus is to give artistic individuals a level ground of opportunity to display their works on their blog.

Airtel is deliberately placing their focus on their customers; especially the youth who make 50% of Kenyan population and are the shapers of the future and the internet. Having understood that ours is a world that is constantly shifting towards the digital media, they are looking to tap into this promising platform to attract and retain their customers.

Airtel CEO Adil El Youssefi said, “We are calling out on you to participate and give us some ideas on other cool things we can do with you, because we want to portray Airtel as the cool provider for our target segments.” To be part of Airtel Hadithi and Future shapers, you can send in three original content proposals that fit their interest and rate cards to

Let The Fashion Party begin.

FAFA X Maybelline Fashion Party
FAFA X Maybelline Fashion Party

FAFA has teamed up with Maybelline New York- Kenya and 4th Street wine to bring Nairobi a Quarterly Fashion Party. The Debut of the show dubbed “The Fashion Party” takes place on the 27th of June (tomorrow; in case you have a tendency of losing track of time) at the Ebony Lounge on Museum Hill, Westlands.

It is set to be a fun experience as it is the first of its kind. The first hours of the eFAFA-AND-MAYBELLINE-FASHION-PARTY.-2vening will have interactive activity. There will be a chill-out fashion lounge hosted by What’s Good LIVE, featuring top 6AM DJs playing the best of the beats, Live Streaming from the What’s Good LIVE Red Carpet. There will bea dedicated 4th Street Wine bar and a showcase of a range of designer styles including: shoes, handbags, jewelry as well as a Maybelline pop-up shop with instant make-overs and a live fashion photo shoot by Emmanuel Jambo.

The Maybelline “Maybe it’s You” Campaign winner will be announced at the event as well marking the end of the Face Of Maybelline Search. The top ten finalists were picked a month ago and put through training under City Models Africa Casting Agency where they were taken through a mini-model boot camp. This was to equip them with different modeling skills such as identifying their walk styles and helping them find their identity to make them more discoverable as they are fresh faces to the modeling fraternity.

The Brand Manager Maybelline Kenya, Abigail Akatsa said “Our girls have to look, live and breathe fashion 24/7. With international brand ambassador like Jourdan Dunn, it is essential that the Face of Maybelline Kenya New York can hold her own amongst fashion models. Having a fashion icon like Ajuma train our girls, will build their confidence and give them a head start.”

The top ten finalists will have a chance to strut the runway dressed by the 6 young designers’ outfits for the fashion show. FAFA came to be during the 2008 Post election violence aiming to bridge cultures through fashion, art and music. The FAFA Fashion Party event looks to reach out to the younger fashionable generation seeking for great buys at pocket friendly prices.

Social Media is a Lie.

Social media can be many things but the only thing I’m thinking right now is how much of a lie social media is. People come from Slovakia when they don’t even know where that is on an actual map. Some have been around the world and back just from their beds while others have worked or been CEOs at UN, BBC and signed contracts with Young Money as they hop from one squeaky bar stool to another and crashing on people’s couches.

A friend of mine updates a status on 22nd Dec “If you are working today, you are either a medic, self-employed, disorganized or you have your priorities wrong. Which one are you?” I am not even working but I immediately went like, who are you to judge why other people are working? These are some other pretty legit reasons not within the update that actually explain why people would be working over the festive season.
Anyway, who are they to deserve an explanation? Nobody owes you a damn explanation. I don’t owe anybody an explanation, that’s how I live my life. I choose to work when I want, however I want to and from whenever, as long as I deliver. I work odd hours all the time because I work to perfection and some are delicate deliverables that I have to get done. If I had things to do I would work on the 24th, 25th even the 26thtoo. I mean, c’mon, you want it that bad, go for it!! Whenever, wherever, however, as long as it is legal and decent.
 Personally the festive season is a complete waste of time. And Jesus wasn’t born on the 25thof December by the way. Show me a verse in the bible that supports that. I don’t like what everyone obsesses over. It’s just how I am. If everyone wants it, I don’t. (Except money and success and happiness: D I might have to rephrase this,) I don’t like Christmas.
We have become pathological liars with the help of social media. Captions, hashtags, filters, are mostly lies, including some moments. Socialites steal pictures just for Instagram. Google it. If you are having the time of your life at the concert why are you busy filming from your cheap phone instead of dancing your heart out? If you don’t get high as a kite and lose that phone, maybe you might have a good memory of the whole concert and keep the phone and the purse too while you are at it.
Everyone out there is applauding achievements and success because that’s how society is, its only human nature to show you are happy even when you are clearly not. From a page you can figure so and so is “happily single”, in a relationship, trips out of town every now and then, loving their work, dinner at a high-end hotel of course, then they are engaged, wedding shopping, #happily married, getting pregnant, popping, new cars, vacations and all. Hardly will you see, sleepless nights, late with rent, I don’t even have examples because I see none of them failures. But these same people go through tough times. Some are even depressed.
 People do post photos of funerals and other tragic things but not as often, yeah? Say 2% of Instagram could be depicting grief. People go through so much we will never be aware of because they will never mention it; instead that’s when they will think of having a social media Detox. It works. The moment you do not feel the pressure of being caught by your friends random camera or paparazzi maybe you could let loose or be your actual self and don’t give a f**k or two.

Don’t believe everything you see. Photoshop is real. The filters exist. Some people will plagiarize and not even feel ashamed. Behind every good #selfie there are a couple ugly ones deleted. Take a break live a little and don’t forget to #LOVEYOURSELFIE. 

The Fear.

We all have fears whether we admit it or not, and what I fear most is losing someone I love. No. Not breaking up. I will get over that shit with time. I am talking about when someone loses their life. No matter what you do, they cannot come back. That’s the thing that could break me.

A very close friend of mine lost her mother recently; I am still in disbelief, she doesn’t know it. It’s been a month now but it but it just won’t settle. The mother suffered a cardiac arrest and just like that, no second chances, she went to be with the Lord. My friend has probably accepted and moved on, or so it seems, but the day she called me up with the news keeps replaying in my head. Like a bad dream. In the blink of an eye she was gone.

Light a candle for a fallen Soldier.

I probably cry a lot more than most adults but it helps me deal with the things I’m going through, I can’t help it but I feel way better when I’m done. That’s just how I am. My friend on the other hand hardly sheds a tear. The entire time I have known her, I don’t remember a single day she cried, but I remember several times she was so mad she trembled. So the day I pick her call and she is sobbing uncontrollably, it had to be something real bad. She is a strong one. She managed to tell me in one sentence.

I don’t like it when my friends cry. This time my friend wasn’t crying because of a bully. Or some guy who broke her heart. It was beyond everything I could do. When I went over to her place, we talked about the crazy things we did in the past and all the reminiscing we could. I didn’t know how else to comfort than to divert thoughts. Everything was different on the burial day. It is the saddest of all because you are saying goodbye indefinitely and all you will remain with are memories. And photographs. That’s when you know for real nothing will ever be the same again and you better start believing.

Recently I had a scare. We had gone out with a few friends and when the night was done we went to sleep over at our other friend. I tucked my friend on the couch because that’s where she blacked out. On the next morning I couldn’t find her on the couch, but in another room. That wasn’t bad; at least she didn’t run out of the house or something.

I tried waking her up on several attempts but she couldn’t move. Are you thinking what I was thinking? I thought she had died. Her body wasn’t as warm so I thought she must have died a few hours ago. I shook her again, panicking, tears gushing, head spinning, this time desperately than before, and she pulled up her covers weakly. She was alive!!!!!!  I asked her to wake up and slap me because I wanted the reassurance. She probably thought I was being dumb but I really needed her to punch me real hard. I ended up slaving for her that entire day, and a few days just to show her how much I adored her thinking of how bad I would’ve craved that if at all I lost her.

Well, we are all mortal beings. I mean human-beings, (If God is reading this blog too id be thrilled, please drop a comment below, or just share with the angels, thanks.) If and when we lose people dear to us may God give us the strength to carry on and may He comfort us. It is a fear we can’t run from, but must be prepared to face. My condolences to all of you who have lost loved ones, now or far in the past. If you love the people in your life let them know that for sure because you could blink and the are no more and you’ll wish you told them that a lot more.

World Wide Discoveries.

The internet is a vast world in its own existence. There is so much put up every second and a little of it taken down at the same time I presume. It doesn’t fill up any space (I’m thinking) but it exists. Tons and tons of peoples work, imagination, creations and folly all of it wrapped up in one. It is a wonderful thing I would say but it can also ruin your life. Case of a typical two sides of the coin.

A friend introduced me to an art and humanity page called Humans of New York and I have never looked back. They have a way of having people open up very little random things about themselves. Some are emotional, some are funny, but most have a thing or two you can learn from life in general. Tonight the articles that have touched me speak for themselves in their few words. 
“It’s hard for me to materialize things into form. I’m full of regrets, I’ve got poor self-esteem. Every time I start doing something, I get down on myself and quit. I wasn’t a leader when I was young, and I fell into all the wrong things. Eventually I got into doing drugs, then selling drugs, and I ended up going to prison.”
“How’d it all end?”
“I was one robbed one night, and learned who did it, so I decided to get back at the guy. I wasn’t really thinking at the time. I was high out of my head, we were listening to Metallica, smoking PCP, and all my friends were yelling at me to do something. So we found the guy and I slashed him with a box cutter and hit him with the shaft of a steering wheel. I went home and told my mother that if the cops come, to tell them I was home all night. Then I took off down Ditmars Boulevard, and after I drove a few miles, cop cars started coming at me from everywhere.”


“I’ve written so many stories and novellas that nobody will look at, plays that I can’t get produced, screenplays that will never be made. Everything is so branded these days in the art world, it’s so hard for an outsider to get work.”

“In what way would you consider yourself an ‘outsider?’”
“I’m interested in failure, so those are the themes that I like to explore. But we live in a society that celebrates triumphalism. A society wants art that reaffirms itself. We want to read about characters that win.” 
“What was your lowest moment as an artist?”
“I worked on a screenplay for two years, and it had just been turned down by the fifth theater in a month, and I remember walking down 5th avenue in the middle of winter, tossing the pages one by one into the slush, vowing never to do it again. It was just a few blocks from here, actually.”

That’s all folks and thank YOU for stopping by. You are amazing.

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