Travel Guide: 5 things you need to know while exploring New York.

I never used to relate to those travel quotes as much as I do now, but I guess that is the thing with life. It has to be something you understand even better through experience to vibrate Continue reading


Beyond face value

Life is said to have no manual but I think it is a lie people in power tell us so that we don’t riot. Everywhere we turn there’s a sign telling us to TURN LEFT, DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS, PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK and so forth. For modern day “slavery” there are stacks of papers (carefully named contract instead of cuff, clever people those ones) with minute handwriting & written in Elizabethan English, you just might need the queen herself to interpret it for you leaving one with doubts of their English background.
I have always thought it is an aptitude test of sorts; to measure the level of commitment. Those invisible chains we bind ourselves to in exchange of money to pay bills. But the government, loan deductions and bills ends up taking almost all of it and we are right where we started. Point being, life as we know it is challenging enough. There is this you can’t do about that and you cannot do that about the other. I wonder who said I should have been born a person. What if I wanted to be a penguin and just swim for the better part of my life? Or a unicorn?

My brother will do the wiring, he gave his fair share of headaches. I will fix the settings mom. 😘

My brother will do the wiring, he gave his fair share of headaches. I will fix the settings mom. 😘 (Photo courtesy of

I have once doubted if I was adopted because my mother and I lived like constantly brawling co-wives. We never had a normal conversation; it was either a fight or tense silence. Anything she said sounded like she was yelling even when I know very well my mother’s tone is not a soft one and the pitch of the people from my tribe doesn’t help. Then throw in involuntary eye rolling and that conversation changes from “you need to clean your room” to “I will disown you not regret one single bit. If your father comes for you I will disown him as well.” All the time we were at loggerheads I really doubted her parenting skills for sure. (I am sorry Mom, I love you)



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Looking back, the person I am is worth all the wrath.😅😅 I can confidently say my mother did a pretty good job at raising me and putting her foot down about so many things. I may not be exactly how she might have wanted me to turn out but I know for sure she had my best interests at heart. And she was right. The harsh high school I led taught me a thing or two about life. So have a few other experiences and encounters.

The Coca-Cola team rolled out the Billion reasons to believe in Africa campaign to encourage its community of consumers to believe in themselves with the hashtag #IamAreason attached to it. The reason they decided to go that particular way is because for one there are a billion people in Africa. If I am going to believe in myself and you do the same and we all jump on that vibe, there will be a billion reasons to believe in Africa which also represents unity and teamwork.
The rules and regulations that are put in place might look like people are trying to secretly enslave us in reverse or subjecting us to torture but really they mean well. That boss who is always on your neck means to toughen you up because they see a successor in you.
Not all who put you through “hell” mean to harm you, you need to trust others and let them be your support system selectively but cautiously. Be positive and choose to see the glass as half full; only then will you enjoy the moment. #BePositive #IamAReason let others #beAreasonToo
Below is what Olaf, a character from “Frozen” the movie, goes through due to lack of trust in his friend and seeing the glass half empty.

Experience The Richness

You put a lot of energy and effort into living. So on a regular basis, take time to fully experience your life and the world in which you live.

Spend some time that has no purpose other than to take in all the richness of which you’re a part. Let go, for a while, of the need to analyse, to criticize, to judge and react.

Allow your thoughts to be still. Feel the wonder, the goodness, the beauty of simply being, and knowing that you are.

Experience life, not in order to gain any advantage or to impress someone. Experience life because the depth of its richness has no limit.

Elite daily