Such is life.

Life pans out in a very funny way, that’s why they say God has a great sense of humor. Mostly life pans out the way it wants and sometimes it just doesn’t pan, tilt, jib or zoom. (😄 throwing about camera lingo because I can)


You go on with your daily routine and every underlying thing as usual but when you lie in bed at the end of the day and recount what you have done and what value it might have added, you regret thinking about it. Because, disappointment. So you try and shut your eyes then realize your feet are cold. In situations like these you would often get up get an extra pair of socks and warm water in the hot water bottle. But not today.

You always go by lists and your life is basically listed, but of late you can’t make any because you low-key hope your old organized and “doer” self will come back. It’s becoming a habit. It sort of worries you but you also don’t really care at this point. So you proceed to shut people out. Mainly because you do not want to be explaining to people why you don’t know what you are going through. It’s like crying and not knowing why you are crying, do you ever have those?

Like, Once in a while just lock yourself in a room, play loud music and scream into your pillow and sob really loudly? No? You should try. Then when your neck and face are really hot and the tears are done welling up, just stop. If not, keep going. Don’t clean your face, just look at yourself in the mirror and try to smile. This is usually my sort of victory moment. It feels like surviving a storm.


Back to you.

You push yourself to do something, anything. So you take out the notebook that has secretly always made your bag look a ton or two heavier than a girl going about her duties. Those tiny sling bags that carry bus fare and lip-gloss are never your thing. (I will tell you why I have issues with those)

Not forgetting the book you are currently reading making your regular handbag last four months at most if is of good quality. With all this luggage as your daily must haves you wonder if people think you are doing the walk of shame. But really, no one cares. So should you. But you wonder anyway.

You stare down at the blank page, write a few words but they don’t make sense so you pick up the phone and scroll through your feed until an hour and fifteen minutes later, you feel like an undercover FBI agent because you know who and who else and their crushes including their exes dog tag color and can bet on that.

Then you realize how much of a social media slave you have become, a loser in the making and how much you have single handedly cultivated it. Then you become sad again. You might be an introvert but today you do not want to strike a conversation with anyone. Sunglasses are your savior so any time there’s anything gleaming for longer than five minutes, you always have them on. Why squint when you can spy, right? If you successfully ignore someone, it’s a small victory. If they see you and are smart enough to read your mood, you nod in greeting or wave. Another small victory. Then there’s that one who doesn’t read the mood or have business to mind so they engage you and want to dissect your business approaching with a wide grin and you roll your eyes. good thing they can’t see. They strike a conversation but you put them all out with one word answers. They ask “what’s wrong” as if they care. I bet you wish you should have run the other way.

You have been listening to drake’s songs back to back, you start feeling a little bit lonely and guiltier. Then you want to pick up the phone and apologize to that guy that has been trying to hit on you. For being such an evil heartless prick, but you still don’t like his face so you let that slide. I would rather be single, you say to yourself.

It is still cold when you get home, so you fire up the laptop, your only source of entertainment. Make yourself a cup of green tea and start looking for something to watch that won’t drag you down. Hot water bottle, check, blanket, check. The phone buzzes. You are surprised you hadn’t taken it out of the bag. I.M. you think it’s one of those groups but you check anyway. Just one of those “Hey stranger” texts.

Forget the movie, forget the tea. It triggers something and you get inspiration to write a trilogy and the movie script alongside a playwright. Some find peace in quiet, others in noise but you draw inspiration from anger. Just like that, your mojo is back. And whether or not it dawns on you, such is life.



#VoteSilvia for #KCA2016


Whenever you start a project, you don’t expect it to fail. That’s why you wake up, plan and work at it with all you have, even though some of us fall off the bandwagon faster than others. It is those that remain disciplined and faithful to their hustle that will get an eventual breakthrough or recognition.

Silvia Njoki is not a foreign name to the blogging fraternity. She is a leading Kenyan Stylist and veteran blogger. Her relentless desire to become a force to reckon with in the Pan-african fashion industry has borne fruit by being nominated for the prestigious Nickelodeon’s 2016 kids’ choice awards under the “Best Blogger (Africa)” category.

The 2015 BAKE Award winner of Fashion Blogger of the year is nominated alongside Aisha Baker from South Africa of Baked the Blog, Uche Eze from Nigeria of Bella Naija, and Theodora Lee from South Africa Of This is quite the stiff competition and we need to bring this award home because if she wins, Kenya wins too.

Other highlights from this year’s list of nominees include Adele, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Chris Pratt, The Weeknd, John Boyega, One Direction, Sofia Vergara, Daisy Ridley, Chris Hemsworth, Nickelodeon’s very own Kira Kosarin, Jack Griffo, Jace Norman and more.

You know how we sometimes complain that Kenyan’s might never win against other African countries in such big competitions? The answer is simple, we hardly vote religiously. Fan or not, take your time to vote daily as many times as you possibly can. It might be last minute but we all know last minute has saved the day sometimes. We can as well call this fashionably late.

Voting is still open for all categories on Nickelodeon’s digital platforms including; fans will also be able to vote on Nickelodeon’s Twitter feed @NickelodeonAfrica using #Vote #KCA #voteSilvia. We have until tomorrow morning, lets go ham.

That’s not all: To win an all-expenses paid trip to attend the KCAs, you can sign up here


Taking Stock 4


Making: Notes on Time management from all the reliable sources on YouTube and whatever else I can trust. Beyoncé has the same hours I do, there’s something I must be doing wrong.

Cooking: Errrm, to be honest I haven’t cooked in a few days. I am not starving, I have been eating out a lot lately. I had lots to do today so I just fixed myself a sandwich although I had intended to make Chapati’s. (Back to time Management)

Drinking: Coffee. With my sandwich. I am trying to stop being a caffeine dependent but I don’t like the alternatives like Soya. I took that in high school I don’t even want to think about it.

Reading: Mostly course texts but I am on Outliers Malcolm Gladwell. I might be reading it for the rest of my life. Cue for, don’t borrow. The basic rule to success I have learnt so far is the 10000 hour rule. That’s why you are about to see some changes. Especially here.

Wanting:  To go back-packing and explore.

Playing:  For the better part of the day I have been listening to In2 by WSTRN on replay alternating with Cake by the Ocean by DNCE. I love In2 the remix only because Chip decided to make a comeback on it. 😛

Wasting: Nothing at all. Or I cannot notice what exactly it is that I might be wasting at the moment. Or maybe I am and I just don’t know. Like someone having a problem and not noticing, well. Maybe I am not wasting anything at all. Information. I have way too many drafts that I do not know when I will ever publish. Some information might be obsolete by the time I figure how to put it together but we shall see.

Sewing: There are a few buttons that have fallen off a few of my fabrics, after folding my laundry I tried finding my only remaining needle but I couldn’t find it. I went to a nearby mall and the whole maaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllll doesn’t have a sewing kit? Ok, I only went to the supermarket. I’m yet to fix the buttons.

Wishing: Nothing specific really but a home cooked meal would be good. Do you guys ever crave a home cooked meal prepared by someone else for a change? I just might crash at yours if you are a throw down bigwig 😀

Enjoying: Rihanna’s new album ANTI. Although I would like to know Anti what? Bullshit? Antichrist? Antifeelings? I particularly love “love on the brain” and “Consideration”. I have heard work too many times I just want to let it rest and see if I might go back to liking it.

Liking: How my stubbornness has saved me from headache.

Wondering: Why my windows 10 is being such a prick. We are not on abacus I should be able to have a million tabs open and still work fine!!! Dammit!!!

Loving: Jungle green jackets, somebody say obsessed.

Hoping: That I could really get to be good at managing my time fairly, I could use some sanity. Pressure has never been good for anyone.

Marvelling: At how many people were anticipating Leonardo DiCarprio’s win at the Oscars. It had been a long time coming. 22 years bruv!!! Lesson learnt: Keep doing it, patience pays.

Needing: A clone.

Smelling: Thann aromatic wood hand lotion, smells like therapy.

Wearing: Blue Jeggings and white Sauti sol Vest.

Following: A number of people on snapchat. Miss Kihoro is hilarious. Her Meru accent will floor you. Before you join, please know it can waste your time and make you vain.

Noticing: That this is my fourth #TakingStock. What a waste of information, right? A lot has been going on in my life I could’ve documented it. It has been a freaking whole year!!

Knowing:  I don’t know anything. Hahaha, I have nothing figured out. This is where is use the excuse that I took “stay foolish” a little too serious.

Feeling: Cues in Numb- August x B.O.B

Bookmarking: Lately I have been reading physical texts…… and by the way the Adele Dejak tags are superb bookmarks. Double win.

Opening: Nothing really. Wish I could unwrap the new month now that its 1st.

Laughing: at the conversations Kimmy, Chemu and I used to have. Tears. The kind of friends you spend 80% of your time laughing when you meet up.

Feeling: Great!! I have been able to have 5 posts on the blog in 2 days. Because yesterday was a leap year. And I felt extra productive.


These Leaping words.

The second month of the year is over and I am wondering where the time has gone because just yesterday, January: we were complaining of how the month just won’t come to an end. We have 366 days this year, what did you do with your extra 24 hours? I had different plans. The way my day is set up, I don’t have the luxury of going to leap, literally. Neither does my height phobia allow.Yet.


This month has rushed by for me because I had my hands in a million things. I feel lighter with this last page of this chapter. Through it all, a few things have become clear. And that’s fine because going forward I might be familiar and prepared. Hopefully.

The next 29th of February will be in 2020, I know you know how to count, so I thought I might as well have my words leap. As tribute. Catch up on the other three posts.  Read more about Songoma, the freshest boy band in Kenya at the moment. Some of my loco friends shared a list of things women want and we had a brief back and forth so I thought I could narrow it down for them and anyone else who might be clueless. Lastly, as 2015 was coming to an end, Google had a list of the most searched information in different categories, find out what I picked to expound on.

Also my device has been having problems, I could come up with a draft post on my word document and it just disappears when I run out of charge. One time, Word wouldn’t activate at all so allllll the unsaved drafts I had in my history went with the wind. The juices don’t come that often either. I found a temporary solution because my geek friend is that badass.

Now, the thing is that I could be typing my bent thoughts because the juices are flooding then the system just freezes, like Rango.  Forcing me to act sane for a couple of minutes until it comes back or restarts itself. This is the most annoying part in technology but In all this I have learnt to be a patient person. I have been told it is a windows 10 thing? Is there anyone else having the same problem?

In other news, I have not in particular admitted to being overwhelmed or busy but instead as lazy or horrible at time management. Then I try to make the most of what I have because this might be a familiar cycle, complaining how time drags itself at the beginning then complaining how fast time has flown. We might not realize it but complaining has become such second nature that we are even eager to complain. Don’t believe me?

This is how  exchange pleasantries lately.

A: Hey, how are you doing?

B: I’m good, I can’t complain. You?

Sound’s familiar, aye? That used to be my response as well, up until I decided to be conscious about it. Maybe the reason we have lots to complain about is because we attract them with our words, mannerisms and whole being that they subconsciously become second nature and slide into our pleasantries.

For a while I used to ask in return, “are you always looking to complain?” with a smile so I don’t sound like a meanie. I could get blank faces in return. I guess it either made them uncomfortable or they just didn’t understand. I decided otherwise. I choose not to shove my energies into people’s lives. Let them call whatever they want to call into their lives.

Because we always look for reasons to celebrate, Happy leap year.😉

2015 year in Review: The interwebs

Just because you are using the incognito window to access the internet doesn’t mean you can hide. You might be safe from your ever micro-managing boss and your nosy girlfriend but Google analytics is the ultimate internet lie detector whether you clean up your browsing history as much as you breathe or burn the computer anyway.

flying rose petals

From the look of things, the men have had a field day with the girl’s right from the beginning of getting the girl only up to engaging. The missing piece of the puzzle for the girls stays on how to make him stay.

  1. How to date a girl: It is pretty obvious it is the men that look this up. It might be the girls that are doing the research to hint to their boyfriends who do not have a shred of intuition neither are they mind readers. This is a dance around the same bush of investing time and effort in the right person. Begin with friendship and don’t bombard her with too much too soon and make it clear through your actions that you want more than getting into her pants.

  2. How to use a condom: Thank goodness people use condoms to begin with or at least they want to know how to. Maybe it is the teenagers looking this one up after Uhuru decided to make condoms available to them. Or perhaps it was someone standing by Waiguru’s condom dispenser at her office. Who knows, people want to stay safe and hopefully the number of unwanted pregnancies has gone down this year.

  3. How to get a girlfriend: The world can be sad and lonely at times, you walk around and all you see are happy couples and sadder singles than Mona Lisa’s portrait. With the cold season closely followed by the harsh el-nino rains, someone surely longed for some company. It all boils down to the kind of woman you would like to date, and where you are likely to meet her. Be open and have fun with the chase.

  4. How to increase fertility: This one is a mystery to me and a cloudy mist hanging around it. I will not quack my way around this but I hope you  become more fertile, all the best in cultivating it.

  5. How to start a conversation with a girl: Girls might have problems but it think this one is hardest for the boys. If you are across the room, smile. If she smiles back there is your cue. Start with introductions, likes and dislikes. Be careful not to ask too much she might mistake you for a serial killer. If you have her number, call her and ask to see her. Take her out on a date. Don’t just whatsapp her for a week then ask her to move in!!

  6. How to tell a girl you love her: It warms my heart to know that some boy somewhere loved a girl but didn’t know how to tell her. Honestly though, it is not entirely rocket science. Just tell her you love her and you would like for her to be your girlfriend. Or the other way round.

  7. How to impress a girl: Too sad if she doesn’t speak with you yet, then this is definitely going to be a game of chess. You can’t buy her anything because you just might freak her out. If you talk, you better be nurturing your art of reading minds. Listen to the things she hints about when you are together and what she marvels at. Pick things from your conversations. Her eyes will glow whenever she talks about some things and right there is your answer.

  8. How to talk to a girl: I am glad someone took time to look this up because with the rude approach men take these days, I would be sure to tell you the dating scene is going down the spiral towards a horrendous mess. Be polite, listen, and show interest in knowing more about her without being a dumb bloke!!!

  9. How to flirt: There is a thin line between flirting, cockiness and utter nonsense. Don’t be the idiot skipping double dutch with them. You could easily have yourself going back to the drawing board which could be the Google tab for you or a few book marks.

  10. How to make him fall in love with you: If you know anything about love then you know what chemistry is about and no, it is not a mixture made in the lab. It comes naturally. He either loves you or he doesn’t. Love doesn’t sit on the fence. He can’t be tricked or blackmailed into it either.

I am hoping this year more people fall head over heels in love with each other and hopefully get engaged at a scenic venue at sunrise and live happily ever after.

Its time to ONGEA!

Ongea 2016

At the start of a creatives’ career all that matters is getting the foot in the door of things. Imagining that if only we found that one person, then things will change for the better. Because sometimes that’s just how things go. Speaking to the right person and finding them at the right place.

At times creatives people get into the showbiz without knowing half of other things that make an artist. Elani have the privilege of having two advocates amongst them, that’s why they were probably able to speak out in the manner in which they did. Not to suggest that you sign up for law school, but it is important that you also learn more about the trade as a creative, other than just creating content.

What better place to get all this under one roof other than at the ONGEA! – The Eastern Africa Music Summit formerly known as Kenya Music Week. The move to Re-brand from KENYA MUSIC WEEK to ONGEA! is based on the need to ensure increased sustainability and relevance of this very important industry gathering, by opening it up to a larger market.

ONGEA! Summit will take place on Thursday 28th to Sunday 31st January 2016, at Sarit Centre Expo Hall in Westlands, Nairobi. The Summit organized by PHAT! Music & Entertainment Limited, will be a debut of the new brand.

For the people in the entertainment industry and music to be precise the ONGEA! The Eastern Africa Music Summit is the golden opportunity for you. The annual event operates under the three pillars of Trade, learning and showcasing. 58 exhibitors will set up shop from East Africa for stakeholders to interact with other businesses from 12 noon through to 10 p.m. on all four days.

There will be 8 educational workshops by different panel of experts one of them being the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE). Blogging and Social Media Training at this year’s ONGEA! Music summit from 9am to 12pm on Friday 29th January. The training will be at the showcase area of Sarit Centre Expo Hall. Topics to be tackled during the training include: personal online branding and management, writing skills and readership, understanding Copyright and fair use, Social Media ethics, Among Others.

The training will also touch on copyright in regard to content ownership, originality and authenticity. Participants will also be trained about the use of social media to market their brand. Participants interested in the training can register here by 22nd January, 2016.

The activities lined up for these three days are engaging for any stakeholder in the music industry. There will be 32 performances over the 4 days from artistes such as Makadem, HART the band, ADAWNAGE, Kidum, Wyre, Sally Oyugi, Suzan Kerunen, Ms Okinda, Parking Lot Grass and Cannibal among others. The Sauti Academy will conduct auditions with two scholarships up for grabs. Upcoming artistes will also have a chance to record a free demo of their music with Ageless Entertainment.

Entry to the whole summit is free.

Ongea footer

ONGEA! E.A Music Summit.


For the longest time.

I would have said I remember this like yesterday but I would be lying. I don’t remember the day my first post went live. I just remember being the first and only blogger in my class for the longest time. Even in my school. People were either unbothered or ignorant. I was okay with that.

this far post

For the longest time it was a conversation reviver at least from my point of view but the conversation died as soon as someone would ask what I blog about. I’d want to hang my head in shame but instead I put on a bravado shrug reluctantly saying “anything and everything; that’s why it’s titled Anything Goes under the URL” If they are the disinterested people, they will reply with a definite, “ooh” so you wouldn’t say a word after.

Other’s would prod you and actually challenge you with criticism that makes sense. Most people I spoke to told me to find a niche. Heck, I also wanted to fit into an award category. They don’t have the “Other’s” category so I started looking. Thinking I would just trip and find a niche when I lie face flat on the ground, or open my door in the morning and receive a package with a note “Herein lies your blog niche, use it to your advantage.” Honestly, I don’t like (a) crowded anything.

There’s 7 billion people and if the Chinese start giving birth to more than one child that will be 8 billion, sooner or later. If I wanted a less crowded place I’d have my own planet, but I don’t. So I will strive to find a niche somewhere in this crowd; for a long time. A time so long I look up to find that my blog just turned 5. That’s a big deal. To me.

I am a Journalist by profession. At the beginning of my career my editor kept throwing me into the deep end of assignments and giving me no choice but to swim to the deadline, alive. The newsroom is not my blog. As I swim towards deadlines, I look for niche ideas and scribble them in a fancy Kenya Power notebook I borrowed from my sisters’ trunk because I would later buy my niece an exercise book and cut it into half if she insisted on doodling as she is belted in her car-seat. Forgetting we are definitely not in the 90’s.

I scribble some more in class, in traffic, in those meetings that could have been an email, a phone-call or even a Skype call. Notes I will not look at because every day I have new ideas left right and center. I look at the remaining very few pages of the book and wonder if I will ever find the time to put these grand ideas into life. I take a break from everything and sit at my desk. I have to do this today, I say to myself but deep down I know it is the discipline habit I am trying to cultivate.

I pick my phone to reply to a few messages and return a call. It’s almost dusk. A thousand notifications, Instagram scrolling, Pinterest lurks and screenshots later, the time is half past 9. This is how people die with their brilliant dreams, they don’t just crop up at their deathbeds. Because for the longest time we never boss up and actually do something that draws us closer to the actualization of the dream.

One day I loaded my Nakumatt card and bought my self-hosted domain. It is what I had wanted for the longest time. Finally, I was making progress and I thought this would push me to implement my ideas, but thought block sits at your shoulder. As you stare at the blank screen you wonder wut r werds!!!! I kept seeking perfection and a fresh start but later on thought to myself I should just migrate the old posts and keep the ball rolling.

And it dawns on me, opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor. I have been dancing for 5 years now with very long undeserved breaks in between. I will do what I have waited so long to do, share with you anything share-worthy then we will find a niche as we move along because for now, what is perfection? As Njenga Kahiro put it “Life happens at the pace of life.”