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I am back!!


I am twice as excited as you are!                                                        Photographed by Mercy Chemutai

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Games people play.

A broken heart heals. Carry on.

A broken heart heals regardless. Carry on.

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Once upon a dream

Sauti Sol at the MAMA's Last year

Sauti Sol at the MAMA’s Last year

Sauti Sol might be bagging accolades from every front at the moment which makes it look like they woke up one day and became a hit winning this and being nominated for the other. There are a couple of things you might not know the half of because we are human; all we see is the glam. The end product. It is how we are designed. Most of us.

All successful people start from somewhere and this trendsetting quartet dared to dream 9 years ago. This has proven to be the year most of the things have come to fruition. I am a big fan of their work ever since Lazizi which I first heard on Tusker project fame sang by Patricia Kihoro and I instantly fell in love. I have since been a religious follower of their work and a lover of their performances. The artistes that now sell out arena’s and have millions of fans and followers once pled to be heard.


  • They started out with a dream of being heard. They went to a couple of studios (about 30) and were turned down because most producers said they were different and wouldn’t make it. With the zeal, drive, talent and fire no one could put out, they kept forging their way forward. They wrote their first song at Uhuru Park and recorded it on their phones. They would share that with family & friends who all agreed they had such a dope sound.
  • Fans are an important part of an artiste’s life because they are the ones who determine your success in terms of the paycheck. Just as a blog needs followers, aye. **Hint hint**. They wished to have loyal fans that genuinely love their work and would go out of their way to buy albums and tickets to their concerts. Have them as #MCMs, download and play their music, blast it out during parties and barbeques, have someone spray their mural on Matatu’s and the whole shebang fans do for artistes they love. All of which came true for them over time. Sauti Sol jetted back into the country after attending the prestigious BET AWARDS 2015 where they were nominated as Best International Act: Africa (Kenya).
  • Shows are a part of a performer’s life and it would be tragic if they never thought of selling out one which is now the norm. Their first concert had 300 people which mainly consisted of friends and family at the Alliance Francais, Nairobi where they were students at the time. They asked for the space which they were given for free and the artistes themselves have said they owe it to Alliance for granting them opportunities that opened ways They performed at BET’s World Mic International Showcase (on the Saturday before the show) at the Grammy Museum, Clive Davis Theatre. They are having their first show in Uganda this weekend and they are going to bring the house down. So if you are in Kampala, there’s your weekend plan.
SautiSol Concert in Uganda Poster

SautiSol Concert in Uganda Poster

  • When you hear a world tour all you imagine is excitement and new experiences over and over. It’s like a constant rebirth each time you arrive to a new city. I would definitely love to have a job that involves travel. They wanted to have a world tour that involves performing to their fans. In as much as they are not there yet, they have done a pretty much good job so far. They have toured and had shows in Tanzania, Rwanda, Nigeria, U.K, France, Dubai, U.S among many other countries.

All this is proof that if you believe in yourself and work hard enough you will achieve your dreams. Start where you are with what you have, don’t even put it until tomorrow. Start today and don’t let anybody dim your shine because this journey of a thousand miles began somewhere. As cliché as it sounds, there’s your proof. There are a billion reasons to believe in yourself.  #IamAreason #YouareAReason #BillionReasonsTobelieve


To vote for Sauti Sol at upcoming MTV MAMA 2015 for Best Song (Sura Yako) & Best Group log onto

How to Vote For Sauti Sol 2015 MAMA's

How to Vote For Sauti Sol 2015 MAMA’s