Journey to Phylosophy

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After emerging winner of the Maisha Superstar competition, the petite but big voiced Phy won a recording deal and hit the ground running. In a record two and a half months she is already dropping an album. Find out more about her journey to Phylosophy.

  1. So, Phylosophy. Tell us more about it.

I’ve always had the name Phylosophy for a while because first, I thought it to be a cool pun for my name. Second, it matches philosophy, I am into writing a lot including poetry and the like. Tim “timwork” Rimbui, Jaaz Odongo, and St P helped me produce and write all the songs in my album as well; I am blessed to have the best working on my album. It has ten songs, which include quite a few collaborations with Khaligraph and Rabbit. It is about my relatable life experiences and those of others because I made it a point to speak for other people.

  1. You came into the music scene officially a few months ago and you are already launching an album, how long have you been working on it?

 I officially started working on the album two and half months ago after I got the recording deal. There was quite a number of pre-written songs from my entire lifetime before the competition because you have to live it to write it, which made it easy for us to bring them life. It also goes back to the blessing of having a recording label which means I do not have to worry about where the money to record and do videos will come from.  Working on the album has been my greatest blessing yet. The dream come true for a girl born in a  tiny  Village in Sotik! Proving anything is possible is put your mind to it. I have given my raw authentic self to  this  and I believe my world will collide with that of the listener creating a magical experience.

  1. When it come to your music, your style is quite different, how would you define your genre?

I was going for the new cool kid swagged up vibe, I think afro-funk would be the name. I consider myself to be quite creative and artsy. Apart from the fact that I am a singer, I am into fashion, dancing, I am an instrumentalist and I also write. I like a lot of fresh out of the box ideas which translates to how I put my music together, it is a mixture of pop, soul, RnB, hip-hop.

  1. How would you say being on Airtel Trace Music and Maisha Superstar have helped your music career?

Looking like a younger version of Lauryn Hill. 

This year has been explosive for me because for a long time, I was a struggling artist which got my very supportive folks and myself wondering why it wasn’t paying off after all the time I put into it including going to music school.  I was almost giving up when Airtel Trace Music happened which was a confirmation for me that this is what I was meant to do. It opened doors and more people got to know about me, especially when I did the Jaguar- Kipepeo rendition which I think caught quite the attention. Maisha Superstar got me into the music and gave me the networks and friendships and gave me the opportunity and the platform to showcase my art.


  1. What are some of the key lessons you took from both competitions and more so what you are learning on the job?

Before all I wanted to do was sing but you get to learn so many other things. First, I got to understand showbiz as an industry where there is a market therefore there’s demand from the fans and you have to supply the music. Second, work ethic: wake up every day with the purpose to perfect your art, show up on time and be professional in handling other businesses around music inclusive of investors and all. Third I am learning on how to incorporate longevity into the plan, being specific with my music and planning on the release including choosing and singing for my target audience.

  1. Your fashion comes out as well curated, is this the case?

I am quite the OCD type and it takes me a while to get ready. I wear something if it is not how I envisioned it, I start all over again until it is perfect. Actually, one of my favorite pastimes is shopping and I shop for the seriousness of how I much I love to shop, I draw inspiration from blogs and other fashion icons. But I also have those days when I am all about t-shirt, jeans and a hoodie.

  1. You’ve heard of international acts pushing their release dates because they don’t want to go head to head with Adele. Are you not afraid it will affect yours?

(Laughs) I do not think her release would affect mine all the way here in any way but I respect her work and would love to get to the point where other big acts are pushing their release dates because yours is coming out. For the moment let Adele and I take it on.

  1. Once the music is released where can your fans find it?

Online we will have the whole album available for download on Itunes , Waabeh and Skiza tunes.

Physical copies will also be available for purchase.



This is one Kick ass album cover!!!





The Start of Something Awesome.

All good things start on Thursday, like the weekend and the weekend and the weekend as well. Airtel knows this and launched their Future Shapers project on a Thursday, 6th August at the Kifaru Gardens in a very intimate and inviting set up. My e-invite read, “Airtel is inviting you to the start of something awesome! Be ready to have a great night!”  I should be forgiven for being curious because the suspense drew me in.

Airtel Future Shapers is a set of photo-journalistic features that profiles young, fresh and ambitious trendsetters in technology, the arts and culture in their personal and or business lives. It mainly centers on the young and dynamic talents such photographer Migwa Nthiga, fashion designer Katungulu Mwendwa, fashion trendsetters such as Sylvia Njoki, app developers like Jamlick Maina of Hisa Play among many more on their work and lessons that they share for those wishing to join their path.

The future shapers line-up

The future shapers line-up

Music being the universal language, has been given the bigger portion of this project, a segment dubbed “Airtel Jam Session” (AJS) that entirely focuses on the young and upcoming music talents. These are fun filmed sessions where artistes get to share their experiences in life and make it available online to be easily accessed by those that wish to learn from them.

True to their word, I had an excessively good time. We were treated to
live performances by the petite Phy Ng’etich, 1st runners up of Airtel Trace Music Stars and Winner of Maisha Superstar. Do not be deceived by her size, she has undeniably astounding vocals. There was also the new boys on the block “Amos and Josh” The Jam session acts of the night were S.O.C as the other acts and sessions will be unveiled as time goes by because they choose to maintain the element of surprise.

Amos and Josh

Amos & Josh on stage.


“The company has also worked with Kiu, and Dandora Music among many more on this project and will continuously develop more content and opportunities to showcase more growing and exciting young talent,” said Digital Brand Asset Manager, Muthoni Maingi.  She also further expounded on the criteria, “We chose people who we feel are a positive, vibrant and progressive reflection of individuals doing what they can to progress themselves but also at the same time to push society ahead in a better way in the arts, culture and technology space.”

“Future Shapers” is a counterpart project of “Airtel Hadithi” which was also launched a week earlier at Nailab. It is a platform offered to the young and creative to share their success stories with the rest of the world. Airtel’s main focus is to give artistic individuals a level ground of opportunity to display their works on their blog.

Airtel is deliberately placing their focus on their customers; especially the youth who make 50% of Kenyan population and are the shapers of the future and the internet. Having understood that ours is a world that is constantly shifting towards the digital media, they are looking to tap into this promising platform to attract and retain their customers.

Airtel CEO Adil El Youssefi said, “We are calling out on you to participate and give us some ideas on other cool things we can do with you, because we want to portray Airtel as the cool provider for our target segments.” To be part of Airtel Hadithi and Future shapers, you can send in three original content proposals that fit their interest and rate cards to